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Medical Apparatus

  • The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizer.


    The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizerFrom the perspective of technological development, the micro-mesh atomizer is the third-generation product of the atomizer technology iteration. It combines the characteristics of compression atomizer and ultrasonic atomiz Read More
  • What type of men age slowly?


    What kind of men age slowly?After men reach the age of 35, various functions of the body will begin to decline slowly, and they will start to age at this time. After the age of 45, the rate of physical decline will become faster, and the body will begin to age comprehensively. For men, when the body Read More
  • Micro-mesh Nebulizer Is A Masterpiece of Intelligent Miniaturization for Household Medical Apparatus


    With the development of miniaturization of electronic components and the continuous improvement of processing accuracy, various household medical devices are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization and portability. With the continuous emergence of portable ventilators, portable insu Read More
  • The Future Development Direction of Home Medical Device Industry


    With the improvement of the social medical insurance system and the introduction of many favorable medical policies, household medical devices have ushered in the spring of development. The current home medical industry has reached the stage of technology and product upgrading. Combined with artific Read More
  • To Bring Home Medicine Back to Its Original Purpose


    With the needs of people, the new products in the home medical device market are constantly increasing, and the functions are more and more complete, and they are more and more close to people's lives. The function of these new products has not only stayed in testing the health of the body, but has Read More
  • How to use PVC oxygen resuscitation bag?


    PVC Oxygen Resuscitator Bag, also known as artificial respirator or pressurized oxygen bag, is a simple tool for artificial ventilation. Compared with mouth-to-mouth breathing, the oxygen concentration is high and the operation is simple. Especially when the condition is critical and it is too late Read More
  • When to use oxygen face mask?


    An oxygen face mask provides a method of transferring oxygen from the breathing gas from the storage tank to the lungs. The oxygen face mask may only cover the nose and mouth (oronasal mask) or the entire face (full face mask). They can be made of plastic, silicone or rubber. In some cases, oxygen c Read More
  • Breath Exercises:What You Need to Konw


    As you get older, your lung capacity slowly decreases, which is why normal lung volumes also varies with age. Besides, other factors such as chronic lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and smoking can also affect our lung function and significantly reduce lung volumes.Fortunately, lung volumes can be Read More
  • How Do Finger Pulse Oximeter Work?


    The pulse oximeter is a small instrument that is clamped on the finger to monitor the oxygen level in the blood. This kind of equipment, which was originally available in hospitals, suddenly began to attract everyone's attention because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. What is this medical devic Read More
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