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The Future Development Direction of Home Medical Device Industry

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The Future Development Direction of Home Medical Device Industry

With the improvement of the social medical insurance system and the introduction of many favorable medical policies, household medical devices have ushered in the spring of development. The current home medical industry has reached the stage of technology and product upgrading. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, future products will show three major directions in technology and functions: intelligent, comfortable and multi-functional.

①Intelligent       ②Comfortable       ③Multifunctional

   Not only medical devices, but also smart home and smart travel. In the future, many medical devices will have functions such as data recording, storage, and transmission; coupled with the development of 5G technology which will help telemedicine, wearable health monitoring equipment will also usher in great development. Although many manufacturers are currently conducting research and development in this area, such as Xiaomi, Huawei. But the general measurement is more complicated, the user requirements are higher, and the measurement is not very accurate. The testing equipment will adopt a standardized production method to ensure the accuracy of data in the nearest future. It adopts a method of being connected in series with network equipment to become a link in the realization of telemedicine and home medical care.

   When people mention the word "medical", they will first think of discomfort, but with the gradual implementation of the concept of family medicine, future medical devices will pay more attention to the comfortable way of use. Home is a comfortable place and there is generally a sense of security here, so the comfort requirements will be put forward for the equipment used here too. The market demand is the goal of the manufacturer, the fierce market competition in the future will inevitably make customers meet furtherly the functions of the product. Whoever can make the function of the product more perfect will win. Household medical device products with strong comfort are more likely to get the stickiness of customers.


   Home medical devices are defined as medical devices that can be used by non-professionals in non-medical settings. In recent years, more and more POCT products have gradually entered the household market. Many normalized chronic disease management and testing products will also be gradually transferred from inside to outside of the hospital, and then hospital achieve remote medical treatment through the internet, which can better improve the patient's treatment experience. The multi-functionalization of current smart products is actually a very common phenomenon, and it is a direction that many product types must face when upgrading. The multi-functionalization of household products may be reflected in the combination with the family scene, which is related to the gradual shrinking of the modern family environment. It still occupies a small space which will become a direction under the premise of multiple functions. Household medical device has the attributes of health consumer goods is less affected by medical reform policies such as centralized procurement, so it has huge potential. "Home-use" of professional medical devices - Although the current cost is high and it faces multiple challenges such as professional knowledge and medical safety, this is the major trend in future medical development.

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