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What type of men age slowly?

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What type of men age slowly?

Guide: After men reach the age of 35, various functions of the body will begin to decline slowly, and they will start to age at this time. After the age of 45, the rate of physical decline will become faster, the body will begin to age comprehensively. For men, when the body shows signs of weight gain, less hair, poorer physical strength and thinner urine. It means that you have begun to age.

    But some men are in their 40s and 50s, they don't look old at all. From the appearance, they look like people in their 30s that are much younger than their peers. How do they do it? Men who age slowly don't smoke or drink generally. Often smoke and drink cause so many harmful substances will accumulate in the body, which will damage the health of blood vessels and body functions. Not only that, the secretion in the body will also be out of balance; it is easy to lose hair and the whole person will appear very "greasy". If you want to age slowly, stay away from alcohol and tobacco.


    Men with a good figure doesn't look old and age slowly. Some men love fitness, they often do aerobic exercise and strength training, so they are in good shape with high muscle content in their bodies. Obesity will accelerate aging. If men can exercise regularly and maintain a good figure, their metabolism is higher and the physical functions will be strong. It makes them look younger. Staying up late will accelerate the aging of men. The men who are not easy to age often don't stay up late, their work and rest are very regular too. When a man wants to stay young, he must first have thick hair. If you are bald, no matter how good your skin is, you will look old. Men who want to age slower shouldn't stay up late and go to bed before 10 o'clock.

    If you don't want to age too early, should you give priority to self-maintenance; because it gives men better health . With so much pressure in modern society, you need to pay attention to eat healthily, exercise more, use sunscreen when going out and clean skin usually. Only if taking good care of your body, you will age more slowly. So that your physical fitness improves and your body will be healthier as the result.

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