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Micro-mesh Nebulizer Is A Masterpiece of Intelligent Miniaturization for Household Medical Apparatus

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Micro-mesh Nebulizer Is A Masterpiece of Intelligent Miniaturization for Household Medical Apparatus

With the development of miniaturization for electronic components and the continuous improvement of processing accuracy, various household medical devices are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization and portability. With the continuous emergence of portable ventilators, portable insulin pumps and home hemodialysis equipment, home nebulizer medical devices are moving towards the in-depth market of people's demand for medical devices. The home nebulizer is not only exquisite in appearance but also functional and practical, with less dosage, quick effect and less systemic adverse reactions. It is especially suitable for acute stage patients of the elderly and young children. Common clinical respiratory diseases; such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, infantile wheezing, cough variant asthma, mycoplasma pneumonia, intra- and postoperative tracheal intubation, etc. All of these can be treated with aerosol inhalation.


    Family medical care needs more intelligence to ensure safety, it puts forward higher requirements for the intelligence of atomization equipment, which has also become a breakthrough for micro-mesh atomizers to replace traditional compression atomizers. The micro-mesh nebulizer is different from the air-compressed nebulizer commonly used in hospitals, it's small in size and low in noise. Users don't need to arrive in hospital to queue up and can do nebulization at home, this effectively avoids cross-infection of public atomizers. Comparing with taking injections or medicine, the child doesn't have the struggle and fear of crying and screaming in the hospital at all; but seeing the smoke in the mask was full of curiosity, as if he was playing a game, he takes the initiative to put the mask on his face. It is a must-have product at home can be carried around. The atomized particles are all below 5 microns which can directly reach the lesion and the treatment is faster.



   The portable micro-mesh nebulizer deeply analyzes the needs and habits of users, which improves the patient's acceptance of the nebulizer, avoids choking during use, and achieves the purpose of improving the efficiency of nebulization. The new products are close to the details of people's lives that making people healthy and enjoying the convenience of life. They're becoming a partner for a better life. At present, the market demand for miniaturized products is increasing, the advancement of research and development technology has reduced various costs. With the continuous improvement of patient acceptance and the continuous growth of home care needs, micro-grid atomizers will gradually be widely promoted to meet the medical demands of the people.

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