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How to use PVC oxygen resuscitation bag?

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How to use PVC oxygen resuscitation bag?

PVC Oxygen Resuscitator Bag, also known as artificial respirator or pressurized oxygen bag, is a simple tool for artificial ventilation. Compared with mouth-to-mouth breathing, the oxygen concentration is high and the operation is simple. Especially when the condition is critical and it is too late for endotracheal intubation, a pressurized mask can be used to directly give oxygen. So that the patient can obtain sufficient oxygen supply and improve the state of tissue hypoxia. Different models should be used when rescuing adults, children, and infants.


   The use of PVC oxygen resuscitation bag during single-person bare-handed cardiopulmonary resuscitation mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Prepare items: connect the simple respirator to the mask and storage bag, and connect the oxygen at the same time to check the airtightness. If the airtightness is intact, it can be used.

2. Clean the mouth: take out the foreign body in the patient's mouth, and clean up the oral secretions; so that the patient is in a supine position.

3. Open the airway: lift the forehead and chin to open the airway.

4. Airbag oxygen supply: the rescuer uses the thumb and index finger of one hand to tap the simple breathing mask on the patient's mouth and nose without air leakage. At the same time, the other three fingers of the hand put the patient's chin. Lift up, present the EC maneuver, and then use the other hand to pinch the ball. The air volume is 500-600mL each time. Observe the patient's thoracic rise and fall, and inhale 8-10 times per minute.

   With the spread of medical knowledge, some families bought PVC oxygen resuscitation bags. Use oxygen resuscitation bags in various entertainment and leisure places such as karaoke, discotheques, internet cafes, sauna centers to enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere. It is used to clear the mind after excessive smoking and drinking, and has the effect of hangover. It can relieve fatigue and clear mind during travel. Solve the problem of hypoxia in pregnant women. Pregnant women often inhale oxygen, which can prevent various hypoxia symptoms and promote the healthy development of the fetus. Middle-aged and elderly people often inhale oxygen at home, which can prevent many diseases and benefit health and longevity.

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