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PPE stands for personal protective equipment. In this category, we have various specifications of masks, gloves, goggles, work clothes, etc. 

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Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are the item that is essential for treating illness or injury. In this category, you can get oxygen mask, blood lancet, tourniquet, feeding tube,etc.


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Lab Consumables

Lab consumables are disposable lab supplies used to support a broad range of research and testing applications and include items such as test strips, specimen collection items, lab filters, pipette tips.


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Hot Water Bottle

Our hot water bottle is a high-quality reliever from aches in cold climatic conditions and makes you feel comfortable. It can be used for heat therapy and is used for joint pains, muscular cramps.



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Hot Cold Pack

Hot cold packs can relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation from injuries and other conditions, such as arthritis. In this category we offer all kinds of premium gel packs and ice bags.




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Personal Care

Personal Care for people who want younger-looking skin, our products practically gives your face a new lease on life. To make our users feel at ease, our products have obtained CE, ISO, SGS authoritative certification in the world, and passed the quality inspection of various categories of products. 


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Let Us Find The Right OEM Solution For You

Professional Medical and Laboratory Consumables Manufacturer

Nanjing Superfit I&E Co., Ltd, one of Nanjing’s core foreign enterprises, is a manufacturer of Medical/Laboratory Products and Hot and cold  bag with well-equipped testing facilities and a strong technical force. Currently, products are mainly distributed in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and actively open up new markets and new areas.

Our Advantage

9 years of foreign trade experience, strong technical strength

The Company is a manufacturer of Medical/Laboratory Products and Hot and cold bag, sales, after-sales set in one-scale enterprises.

Strict quality management system, quality assurance

We have obtained the CE, ISO, SGS authoritative certification in the world, and passed the quality inspection of many kinds of products.

Full coverage, quick response, and satisfactory after-sales service

The professional customer service team will give quick feedback to any customer requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get samples. What can I do?

We really appreciate to send you samples to test our quality, and samples will be free charge for you but the express mail charge, you could bear it, we will refund this charge after get your formal order.


We want to do our own brand , what can we do ?

We accept payment by T/T in advance, Western Union, L/C. Please inform us your name(also full name), address, phone, zip code etc. infos. Products will be delivery as soon as possible after payment confirmed. Thanks so much.

What payment methods do you accept?

Welcome to do the brand of your own, we have many lurxy package, like PVC gift box, Paper card giftbox, and others, if you want to place order.



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Liquid silicone moon cups make you double enjoy comfort in the period.

Liquid Silicone Moon Cups Make Your Period Take Care of YouWomen's use of sanitary napkins during menstruation will not only affect the movement and cause side leakage, but also bring a feeling of dampness and stuffiness; and the production and use of liquid silicone moon cups make women do not have

Medical Apparatus
The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizer.

The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizerFrom the perspective of technological development, the micro-mesh atomizer is the third-generation product of the atomizer technology iteration. It combines the characteristics of compression atomizer and ultrasonic atomiz

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Micro-mesh Nebulizer Is A Masterpiece of Intelligent Miniaturization for Household Medical Apparatus

With the development of miniaturization of electronic components and the continuous improvement of processing accuracy, various household medical devices are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization and portability. With the continuous emergence of portable ventilators, portable insu

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What type of men age slowly?

What kind of men age slowly?After men reach the age of 35, various functions of the body will begin to decline slowly, and they will start to age at this time. After the age of 45, the rate of physical decline will become faster, and the body will begin to age comprehensively. For men, when the body

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The Future Development Direction of Home Medical Device Industry

With the improvement of the social medical insurance system and the introduction of many favorable medical policies, household medical devices have ushered in the spring of development. The current home medical industry has reached the stage of technology and product upgrading. Combined with artific

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To Bring Home Medicine Back to Its Original Purpose

With the needs of people, the new products in the home medical device market are constantly increasing, and the functions are more and more complete, and they are more and more close to people's lives. The function of these new products has not only stayed in testing the health of the body, but has

Ice Bag
Ice Compresses Help People Achieve Their Goals of Health and Beauty

Gu: The goal of achieving one's own beauty and health has increasingly become a global medical consensus. It is generally recognized that healthy life and scientific recuperation are inseparable. Most countries in the world no longer regard career success and wealth as the only indicators of a happy

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Ice Bag
Schopenhauer: Every day is a new day, change your life with the mentality.

Don't punish yourselfIf the misfortune has already happened, it is a fait accompli that cannot be changed, you should adjust your mentality and not think about "what if it didn't happen"; also don't think that it could have been changed in one way or another; It will only increase your suffering, ma

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