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The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizer.

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The therapeutic effect and application trend of household micro-mesh nebulizer.

From the perspective of technological development, the micro-mesh nebulizer is the third-generation product of the atomizer technology iteration. It combines the characteristics of compression atomizer and ultrasonic atomizer, which uses tiny ultrasonic vibration and mesh spray head structure to spray, the atomized drug particles are finer can reach 1-5μm. Compared with the previous two generations, its dosage is less, the treatment effect is better and the drug residue is lower. Because of its small size and easy to carry, it's widely used in the home field. Now, portable mesh nebulizer for household is gradually being loved by consumers that having more development prospects.

    With the aggravation of aging, the number of patients with respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, bronchitis, asthma, nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is increasing. There're more than 45 million asthma patients and more than 100 million chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in China. The nebulizer is gradually recognized by the whole society as a convenient and painless treatment method, which is beneficial to the application and promotion of the micro-mesh nebulizer. With the growing demand for home atomizers, the safety, portability and functionality should be considered comprehensively when purchasing. Brands and the guaranteed quality are the first choice.



    Patient can use household nebulizers treat at any time to save time of going to hospital and back. So it is helpful for control the condition in time indeed; therefore, its demand is growing rapidly. The second-generation compressed atomizer is bulky and noisy however, making it unsuitable for home use. The micro-mesh nebulizer is small in size, low in noise and has a better therapeutic effect that making it more suitable for home use. From the perspective of industry technology iteration, the atomizer will develop to the direction of more stable spray airflow, adjustable spray rate, and the diameter of atomized particles more in line with human tissue structure. The growing demands for household portable nebulizers make micro-mesh nebulizers have a broader market prospect, because of its advantages of both compression and ultrasonic nebulizers.

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