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To Bring Home Medicine Back to Its Original Purpose

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To Bring Home Medicine Back to Its Original Purpose

With the requirement of people, the new products in the home medical device market are constantly increasing. The functions are more and more complete and inclined to close to people's lives increasely. The function of these new products has not only stayed in testing the health of the body, but has developed into an instrument for testing whether various indicators of the body are qualified.

The author divides home medical devices into the following categories:

Detection Category Including blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, electronic thermometer, etc.

Treatment Category Including household atomizer, magnetic therapy device, lumbar spine therapy device, etc.

Rehabilitation Including home oxygen concentrators, nursing beds, wheelchairs, etc.

Health Care Including massage pillows, massage instruments, nasal washes, etc.



   In addition, there're infection control products (such as masks, protective gloves, protective clothing, protective glasses, etc.) that have been used on a large scale since the outbreak of COVID-19. As well as wearable equipment for physiological data collection, portable early screening equipment, portable dialysis equipment, blood glucose Monitoring equipment & medical beauty products, etc.

   In order to avoid mass gatherings under the normalization of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, home self-testing is expected to become a popular diagnostic method. As a matter of fact, many normalized chronic disease management testing products will also be gradually transferred from the hospital to the outside. Since urine, saliva, feces and other samples can be obtained at any time in the home environment. If patients need to seek medical treatment, they can conduct preliminary tests on such samples at home to obtain test results. If remote consultation is realized through the Internet hospital, the treatment experience of patients can be better improved. Such home medical care plus the medical method of remote diagnosis in hospitals is capable to greatly reduce the probability of infection in hospitals or centralized testing sites, while increasing convenience. It must help reduce the pressure on large-scale testing in medical institutions too.

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