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Ice Compresses Help People Achieve Their Goals of Health and Beauty

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Ice Compresses Help People Achieve Their Goals of Health and Beauty

Guide: The goal of achieving one's own beauty and health has increasingly become a global medical consensus. It is generally recognized that healthy life and scientific recuperation are inseparable. Most countries in the world no longer regard career success and wealth as the only indicators of a beatific life. Regular exercise with necessary rehabilitation & maintenance not only create a beautiful body, but also directly improve the health level. A sunny and confident mental outlook with flexible and resilient body will bless your career and personal life that being your direct benefits in an integral part of the felicific life. Therefore, the necessary knowledge of sports rehabilitation and medical recuperation has become a must-have for healthy people, which add luster to your life. Post-exercise relaxation and the correct use of home medical apparatuses ensure that you can stay healthy and beautiful while staying away from injury and worry-free.

Post-exercise ice compresses are now recognized as an effective and extremely common practice in the sports world. Ice compress or cold bath constricts the capillaries of the damaged muscles, so that the microstructural damage to the muscles caused by training doesn't continue to expand. Studies have shown that taking a cold bath within 1 to 4 days after exercising, followed by a hot compress or a hot bath in the later period is more effective in relieving muscle soreness. Cold compresses aren't intended to restore physical fitness, but to reduce the body's inflammatory response (edema), speed up muscle soreness and recovery from injuries; because the muscle microstructure is destroyed after intense exercise. If you choose a hot water bath at this time, the water temperature is too high to accelerate the blood circulation of the injured muscle; thereby aggravating the damage to the muscle microstructure.

   If you are injured after exercising, an ice pack is a tool to treat the injury. It reduces swelling and burning by reducing the diameter of blood vessels; the low temperature also numbs the affected area which reduces pain. The ice pack is removed from the affected area and the nutrient-rich blood flows in when the affected area warms up to assist the affected area heal. In particular, cold compresses protect the knees. Intense exercise makes the friction between the knee cartilages very strong; cold compresses make vasoconstriction very good for articular cartilage, which is the key to prolonging exercise life. Just like the need for ice compresses within 24 hours after a sprained joint, to prevent the rupture of blood vessels from leaving too much blood and causing swelling.



   The main function of ice compress is to cool down; relieving the pain of damaged muscles, prevent the swelling of damaged muscles, and help muscles recover. Ice compresses can be used for muscle impact damage, capillary rupture, joint sprain and swelling. Muscle fatigue after exercise is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid. Ice packs can reduce the pain caused by sports injuries. If there is obvious muscle fatigue after exercise, it is recommended to take more rest. In addition, a better way to reduce muscle soreness is to jog after exercise with a faster pace than walking. Then use aerobic respiration to decompose lactic acid to achieve the purpose of reducing soreness.

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