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Liquid silicone moon cups make you double enjoy comfort in the period.

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Liquid silicone moon cups make you double enjoy comfort in the period.

Women's use of sanitary napkins during menstruation will not only affect the movement and cause side leakage, but also bring a feeling of dampness and stuffiness. The production and usage of liquid silicone moon cups make women don't have to endure these during menstruation. It is usually made of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and very soft and elastic. In comparison, solid silicone products are not so good in tear resistance, elongation and transparency, it'll have more waste edges. Liquid silicone menstrual cups are runner-type injection molding, and the products produced have three major characteristics: 1. High transparency; 2. Better tear strength; 3. Less flash. When processing liquid silicone products, you only need to install the material on the machine, vacuum and seal the whole process, and the material is free of pollution throughout the process. It is directly formed in the mold without intermediate links and the product quality is easier to guarantee.

    Place a silicone menstrual cup into your vagina to collect menstrual blood, take it out about every 4-12 hours (depending on flow), then wash it and insert it again. As far as the worldwide is concerned, silicone menstrual cups are more and more widely used and become a new trend of feminine hygiene products. So, what are the benefits of silicone menstrual cups?

1. NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL ADDITIVES: Menstrual cups don't contain bleach or other harmful chemicals or fibers, with minimal impact on the body.

2. Reduce the number of replacements: Since the menstrual cup can hold 20-30ml of liquid at a time, and the average bleeding volume of women in one menstrual period is about 40-60ml, so the menstrual cup can be replaced after 8 hours.

3. No leakage and no blood on the outside: Because the menstrual cup intercepts the menstrual blood in the body, as long as it is replaced in time; there will be no leakage, so the underwear will be very clean and no bloody smell.

4. Save money and environmental protection: Silicone menstrual cups can be used repeatedly with an average service life of 5-10 years, and discarding them won't bring a great burden to the environment.

5. No TSS: Unlike tampons, menstrual cups only collect blood from the cervix and don't absorb anything; therefore, they don't interfere with the balance of flora in the vagina and basically don't cause TSS disease.


    When changing a menstrual cup, remove it by grasping the short handle or bottom, discard the contents, rinse with water or unscented detergent and use it again. After menstruation is over, boil it in water or soak it in disinfectant.

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