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  • Nursing and Operating Techniques for the Use of Ice Packs


    Nursing and operating techniques for the use of ice packs【Objective】 Cooling, hemostasis, analgesia, anti-inflammatory[Material preparation] Ice bag (ice bag) and cloth cover, towel, ice cubes, washbasin and cold water, mallet, canvas bag, spoon.【Instruction content】1. Inform the patient of the purp Read More

  • Use Ice Bags: Some Common Mistakes to Avoid-Superfitcare


    When dealing with an injury, we usually apply an ice bag to relieve the pain. Although ice bags are very useful, the wrong use of ice bags can cause more harm than good. Here are some common ice bag application mistakes. Learn how to use ice bags and avoid additional damage. Common Mistakes in Using Read More

  • When to Use Hot or Cold Compress for Swelling?


    If your child was injured, hot or cold compress what should you use? I think many people may confuse about this. Keep reading for important information you should know about hot and cold compress in case of emergency and reduce injury. Cold CompressCold compress can achieve the effect of pain relief Read More

  • The Complete Guide to Managing Swelling


    Ice compression is a common physical cooling method in clinic. For patients with fracture or sprain, early ice treatment can reduce pain, reduce swelling and effectively prevent tension blisters. External Cooling with Ice Bag is suitable for patients with high fever, heatstroke, brain injury, cerebr Read More

  • Wipe and Ice Bag Effectively Treat Your Baby’s High


    Besides Ice Bag for instant relief, wiping your baby is a great way to bring down a fever. So what are the specific parts to wipe.The following will introduce the wiping position and cooling steps in detail.1、 NeckThe more suitable water temperature for the wiping is 32 ℃ ~ 34 ℃. The time for each w Read More

  • What Are Ice Bags Used For?


    Ice bags and Gel Packs are the most commonly used for pain, swelling, and inflammation. So, what is the right choice for ice or heat? How long should ice or heat treatment last? Read about using ice bags and gel packs to treat injuries.This passage is going to talk about:(1) When to use ice bag trea Read More

  • Do You Know These About Ice Packs?


    Whether it's a child or an adult, outdoor activities are a common part of our lives. Outdoor sports are fun but collision scrapes are unavoidable. Minor scrapes and other general harms do not need to go to the hospital, but it is necessary to do the appropriate treatment. Use an ice pack to have a c Read More

  • How to Use an Ice Bag?


    Ice bags can be used for patients with high fever cooling, anti-inflammatory pain relief, cold beauty, toothache bleeding, mosquito bites, summer heat and sports accidents bruises, sprains, falls, stop bleeding and pus, and other auxiliary physical therapy. Next is the introduction to the use of ice Read More

  • How to Store Ice Packs?


    To understand how to store Ice Packs, we must first understand the filling ingredient of Ice Packs. Ice packs in gel are a novel type of freezing medium that can be used frequently for medical cooling and fever relief, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold beauty, sprains, hemostasis, sepsis, skin Read More

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