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  • Ice Compresses Help People Achieve Their Goals of Health and Beauty


    Gu: The goal of achieving one's own beauty and health has increasingly become a global medical consensus. It is generally recognized that healthy life and scientific recuperation are inseparable. Most countries in the world no longer regard career success and wealth as the only indicators of a happy Read More
  • Schopenhauer: Every day is a new day, change your life with the mentality.


    Don't punish yourselfIf the misfortune has already happened, it is a fait accompli that cannot be changed, you should adjust your mentality and not think about "what if it didn't happen"; also don't think that it could have been changed in one way or another; It will only increase your suffering, ma Read More
  • What are the benefits of ice pack for girls?


    What are the benefits of ice cream for girls?【Introduction】: The skin of the face is relatively sensitive. If you use an ice pack to apply your face, what effect will it have? Applying an ice pack on the face will stimulate the skin, strengthen the elasticity of the muscle tissue, and make the skin Read More
  • Elegant Gifts Beneficial for Women's health & beauty Care


    If anything makes women feel cared for, it's that it makes women beautiful and comfortable.The beauty here can be understood in two ways, one is internal and the other is external.The external is what we usually call it skin care, fitness and dressing up.The inner core is the spiritual core. It make Read More
  • You Really Need to Carry An Ice Pack With You in Hot Summer Days


    In the hot summer, all people want is to be able to cool themselves and have a summer weapon of their own. Now, this is no longer a luxury. People are more and more aware of the health care effects of ice packs. In summer, cold compresses can reduce swelling and refresh the brain. When you have a hi Read More
  • Nursing and Operating Techniques for the Use of Ice Packs


    Nursing and operating techniques for the use of ice packs【Objective】 Cooling, hemostasis, analgesia, anti-inflammatory[Material preparation] Ice bag (ice bag) and cloth cover, towel, ice cubes, washbasin and cold water, mallet, canvas bag, spoon.【Instruction content】1. Inform the patient of the purp Read More
  • Use Ice Bags: Some Common Mistakes to Avoid-Superfitcare


    When dealing with an injury, we usually apply an ice bag to relieve the pain. Although ice bags are very useful, the wrong use of ice bags can cause more harm than good. Here are some common ice bag application mistakes. Learn how to use ice bags and avoid additional damage. Common Mistakes in Using Read More
  • When to Use Hot or Cold Compress for Swelling?


    If your child was injured, hot or cold compress what should you use? I think many people may confuse about this. Keep reading for important information you should know about hot and cold compress in case of emergency and reduce injury. Cold CompressCold compress can achieve the effect of pain relief Read More
  • The Complete Guide to Managing Swelling


    Ice compression is a common physical cooling method in clinic. For patients with fracture or sprain, early ice treatment can reduce pain, reduce swelling and effectively prevent tension blisters. External Cooling with Ice Bag is suitable for patients with high fever, heatstroke, brain injury, cerebr Read More
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