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What are the benefits of ice pack for girls?

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What are the benefits of ice pack for girls?

Introduction: The skin of the face is relatively sensitive. If you use an ice pack to apply your face, what effect will it have? Applying an ice pack on the face will stimulate the skin, strengthen the elasticity of the muscle tissue; and make the skin more vibrant. It can also help shrink pores and repair after sun exposure...

1. Promote skin regeneration

Applying ice on the face can wake up the facial skin. Rubbing the face with an ice pack or an ice towel can quickly promote the metabolism of skin cells and accelerate the microcirculation of blood. This not only strengthens the vitality of the facial musculature, but also makes the skin firm and elastic.

2. Astringent pores

Stimulates the skin with cold has a calming and astringent effect. After washing your face, apply an ice pack filled with ice cubes on your face, or just apply it on the large pores which can effectively shrink the pores and improve the large pores.

3. Repair after sun exposure

Even if you wear sunscreen when you go out in summer, your face will inevitably turn red, and the severe redness will last for a few days before it disappears. After going out and going home to remove makeup, applying an ice pack to the face for 10 minutes. After the cold air dissipates, change the towel to effectively relieve the skin redness. Because ice packs can calm and reduce inflammation, shrink capillaries, reduce blood flow at the place where they are applied, and relieve skin sunburn. Applying an ice pack to your face is a simple and effective after-sun fix.

4. Oil control and acne removal

Ice compress on the face has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, sedative and anti-itching effects. For people with serious oily face and prone to acne, after cleaning the inner face before going to bed every day, applying an ice towel to the face to shrink pores and effectively control the secretion of sebum oil. Its sedative and anti-inflammatory effect can also effectively improve redness and acne, control the spread of acne and make the skin moist and elastic.


TipChinese Skin Care Medicine Diet


Kiwi is rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals.


Rich vitamin E in soybeans can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals. It is a good helper for anti-aging which can prevent melanin from depositing on the skin. Regularly taking soy milk or eating soy is a good way to whiten and anti-aging.

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