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The Complete Guide to Managing Swelling

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The Complete Guide to Managing Swelling

Ice compression is a common physical cooling method in clinic. For patients with fracture or sprain, early ice treatment can reduce pain, reduce swelling and effectively prevent tension blisters. External Cooling with Ice Bag is suitable for patients with high fever, heatstroke, brain injury, cerebral hypoxia and so on.


What's the Effect of Ice Compression?

Ice compression mainly acts on the skin and deep tissues through low temperature to reduce bleeding, inflammation, swelling and pain. Therefore, it is most commonly used in the acute stage of inflammation caused by trauma. In addition, these effects may also reduce secondary injury, ischemia and damage to other structures.


Precautions for Reducing Swelling With Ice Bag:

1. First, distinguish the severity of the injury. If the injury is serious, send it to the hospital immediately after emergency treatment.

2. If the injury is not very serious, you can use hot compress and cold compress to help relieve the pain.

Hot compress and cold compress are physical therapy, but their effects are quite different.

Blood will live when it gets hot, and coagulate when it gets cold.Therefore, cold compress should be applied to reduce swelling and pain around the injured area. After, hot compress can be used to dissipate the blood stasis around the injury.

3.During cold compress and hot compress with ice bags, please avoid using cold compresses for more than 20 minutes at a time. Generally, you can follow the principle of 10:10:10 (i.e. application for 10 minutes, interval for 10 minutes, and then application for 10 minutes), so as to avoid irritating to the wound.


Non cold compress parts: auricle, precordial area, scrotum, occipital back, abdomen and plantar

(1) Occipital, auricle and scrotum: cold is easy to cause frostbite.

(2) Precordial area: slow heart rate and arrhythmia caused by cold reflex.

(3) Abdomen: cold is easy to cause diarrhea.

(4) Plantar: cold reflex can cause peripheral vasoconstriction and affect heat excitation; It can also cause transient coronary artery contraction.


Parts that can be cold compress: forehead, head, neck, armpit, groin, etc. Ice bag cooling should be placed where there are large blood vessels.


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