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Nursing and Operating Techniques for the Use of Ice Packs

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Nursing and Operating Techniques for the Use of Ice Packs

【Objective】 Cooling, hemostasis, analgesia, anti-inflammatory

【Material Preparation】Ice pack (ice bag) and cloth cover, towel, ice cubes, washbasin and cold water, mallet, canvas bag, spoon.

【Instruction Content】

1. Inform the patient of the purpose of physical cooling and related matters of cooperation.

2. Inform the patient to ensure adequate fluid intake during periods of high fever.

3. Inform the patient to take correct ventilation and heat dissipation methods during high fever and avoid covering.

4. Inform the patient that hyperthermia is contraindicated for soft tissue sprains and contusions within 48 hours.


1. Observe the changes of the patient's condition and body temperature at any time.

2. Check the ice bag, ice pack and chemical refrigeration bag for damage and water leakage at any time. The cloth cover should be replaced immediately after it is wet. Ice should be replaced as soon as it melts.


3. Observe the patient's skin condition and strictly follow the shift system. If the patient has local pale skin, bruising or numbness; stop using it immediately to prevent frostbite.

4. During physical cooling, the patient's back of the occiput, auricle, precordial area, abdomen, scrotum and sole should be avoided.

5. When the patient with high fever is cooling down, the body temperature should be measured and recorded after 30 minutes of cooling. The cooling can be stopped when the body temperature drops below 39°C. Those who need to use cold for a long time should rest for 1 hour before reusing it to prevent adverse reactions.

【Related Information】

1. The effect of cold therapy: 1> relieve local tissue congestion; 2> control the spread of inflammation; 3> relieve pain; 4> lower body temperature.

2. Factors affecting the effect of cold therapy: 1> the application of wet and cold is better than dry and cold; 2> the part; 3> those who are allergic to cold; 4> the following parts are contraindicated to use cold: behind the pillow, auricle, scrotum area, precordial area, Abdomen, soles.

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