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When to Use Hot or Cold Compress for Swelling?

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When to Use Hot or Cold Compress for Swelling?

If your child was injured, hot or cold compress what should you use? I think many people may confuse about this. Keep reading for important information you should know about hot and cold compress in case of emergency and reduce injury.


Cold Compress

Cold compress can achieve the effect of pain relief and hemostasis. It is suitable for wound bleeding, swelling and pain. Clinically, it is commonly used in patients with sprain or burn.

Effect of Cold Compress: cold compress can rapidly reduce the temperature of superficial and deeper tissues, shrink blood vessels, constrict blood flow, so as to slow bleeding and swelling.Furthermore, when burns occur, a cold compress can quickly reduce the ongoing damage from burns without serious symptoms.

How to Do Cold Compress?

For cold compress, ou can wrap the ice bag with towel or wrap the ice block with gauze directly on the affected area. We recommend using a Small Ice Bag or Ice Gel Bag because they are easy to use and reduce frostbite caused by ice contact with the skin.


Hot Compress

Hot compress is usually used to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis on the wound, and to reduce pain in rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, nasal congestion, neck pain and physiological pain.

Effect of Hot Compress: Hot compress can increase the temperature of the skin, dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow, promote blood circulation in the affected part to help the congestion at the wound subside quickly.

How to Do Hot Compress?

When applying hot compress, you can use hot water bag. Because hot water bag ribbed outer surface can retain heat, and heat large surface, so you can get better heat therapy effect.


Precautions for Cold Compress and Hot Compress:

The suggested time for ice compress and hot compress is about 10 to 30 minutes at a time. The parts with less fat, such as ankles, knees and elbows, had better not be used for too long; Fat parts, such as thighs and hips, can be given a little longer.

As for people who are particularly sensitive or slow, such as diabetes, and those with abnormal blood circulation, ice and hot compress should be especially careful.


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