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Plastic Disposable Urine Sample Cups for Urine Sample Collection


Urine cups make it faster, cleaner, and reduce pressure, retrieve urine samples for testing. Our urine collection cup is made of plastic, disposable, safe to use, not easy to break, and will not affect the urine samples.Although there are many materials available, the choice is unlimited and depends on how the medical or family health care organization wants to care for the sample. No matter what kind of sample container or reagent box you choose, please be assured that today's urine cup is safer than before.

Product name

Plastic Disposable Urine Sample Cups for Urine Sample Collection





1.Normal packing:Bulk or single packed,10000pcs/carton.

2.Customized packing: This need to increase the plate - making fee

3.Certificate:CE, ISO

4.MOQ: 6carton

Product details

Urine Culture Cup

Sample Bottles for Urine

Urine Specimen Collection Cup

Transparent And Clear

Urine Sample Cups,transparent design for urinalysis in drug testing, STD screening and pregnancy testing, or for detection of diseases, diabetes and urinary tract, kidney, liver and other organ problems.

Specimen Collection Cups

Stable Material

Quality specimen cup - medical disposable specimen collection cup is made of medical grade plastic polypropylene material, which can be used for all specimen collection, such as urine, feces and semen.

Specimen Bottle for Urine

Integrated Molding

Urine Collection Container,these collection cups are designed to collect liquids or solids, whether at home or at professional facilities such as doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals, for testing in a safe and reliable way.

Urine Collection Bottle

Antiskid Design

Urine Sample Container with antiskid wall, which is suitable for disposable urine sample collection and disposable biological sample collection.

Urine Specimen Container

Easy to Take Handle

Plastic urine collection cup with handle design, convenient for you to hold, convenient for your urine collection and transportation, also suitable for use at home.

Urine Collection Cup

Round Mouth Drainage

Urine Specimen Cups with protruding drainage port, convenient for pouring liquid, not easy to break, and will not affect the urine samples.

Container for Urine Sample


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