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How the coronavirus (COVID-19) nasal swab test works?

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How the coronavirus (COVID-19) nasal swab test works?

Testing for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing in many communities. But who actually needs coronavirus testing, and how does COVID-19 Nasal Flocked Swab test work?

The person doing the test will insert a long stick into the end with a very soft brush in your nose and rotate it for a few seconds. The soft bristles will collect secretion samples for analysis. The test uses antigen detection to detect the presence of viral proteins that stimulate antibody production, or the immune system’s response to an intruder.

I don’t want to say the process hurts, but it’s uncomfortable. Since the swab also touches the back of the throat, it may also cause vomiting reflex. Due to the uncontrollability of personal operation and the quality of specimens people collect on themselves, we suggest that a COVID-19 nasal swab test must be prescribed by a doctor.

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