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Wipe and Ice Bag Effectively Treat Your Baby’s High

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Wipe and Ice Bag Effectively Treat Your Baby’s High

Besides Ice Bag for instant relief, wiping your baby is a great way to bring down a fever. So what are the specific parts to wipe.The following will introduce the wiping position and cooling steps in detail.


The more suitable water temperature for the wiping is 32 ℃ ~ 34 ℃. The time for each wipe is more than 10 minutes. The key part of the wipe is in the area of skin folds.


① Close the doors and windows, put an ice bag or Flexible Ice Pack on the child's head to help cool down, and prevent congestion caused by epidermal vasoconstriction and blood concentration on the head after bathing.

② For children with high fever, warm water bath can be used. The water temperature is slightly lower than the body temperature.


2Axillary & Elbow


①Generally use 32-34 degrees of warm water to wipe, which can quickly diffuse through skin temperature conduction.

②Take off the child's coat on one side, expose one arm, dip it in warm water with alcohol with gauze or small towel, screw it to half dry, wipe it from the outside of the neck down to the back of the hand, and then wipe it from the armpit to the palm.

③After the skin is stimulated by cold, the skin blood vessels will contract at the initial stage and then expand. It is best to rub and massage the child by hand while wiping the bath, so as to promote blood vessel expansion and accelerate the heat emission.




1. After wiping one side, put on the coat for the child, take off the coat on the other side and wipe it in the same way.

2. Then take off the child's pants on one side, wipe them from the outside of the hip to the back of the foot through the outside of the leg, then wipe them from the inside of the thigh root to the foot center, then wipe them from the back of the thigh to the heel through the rouge nest, and then wipe the other side in the same way. The total bath time is about 20 minutes.


4Baby Fever Physical Cooling Can Not Be Wiped Parts

  • Occipital, auricle and scrotum: cold is easy to cause frostbite.

  • Precordial area: cold can lead to reflex bradycardia, atrial fibrillation or ventricular fibrillation and atrioventricular block.

  • Abdomen: cold is easy to cause diarrhea.

  • Plantar: cold can cause reflex peripheral vasoconstriction, affect heat dissipation or cause transient coronary artery contraction.


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