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What Are Ice Bags Used For?

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What Are Ice Bags Used For?

Ice bags and Gel Packs are the most commonly used for pain, swelling, and inflammation. So, what is the right choice for ice or heat? How long should ice or heat treatment last? Read about using ice bags and gel packs to treat injuries.

This passage is going to talk about:

(1) When to use ice bag treatment?

(2) When to use heat treatment?

(3) Other considerations


(1) When to use ice bag treatment?

Ice therapy is most commonly used for acute injuries. If your last injury (within the last 48 hours) was a swelling problem, you should use ice bags, which can help minimize swelling around the wound, reduce tissue bleeding, and reduce muscle cramps and pain.

Using ice bags early and often within the first 48 hours will help minimize swelling, and reducing swelling around the injury will help control pain. Ice therapy can also be used for chronic diseases such as overuse injuries by athletes. In this case, the injured area should be frozen after the activity to help control inflammation. 


(2) When to Use for Hot Therapy?

Chronic diseases should use hot therapy to help relax and relax tissues and stimulate blood flow to the site. Before participating in the activity, the injuries caused by overuse should be heat treated.

Do not use it for hot therapy after activities, and do not use after acute injury. Do not use heat in areas that involve swelling, because the swelling is caused by bleeding in the tissues, and heat will only draw more blood to the area.

When have a hot therapy, you can put the gel packs in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. 


(3)Notes for Use

Do not use ice bags or hot compress bags:

When you are in poor condition. 

When skin area that is less sensitive to heat or cold.

Body areas are known to have poor blood circulation.

When having diabetes

When there is an infection. 

If you have a heart attack, do not use an ice bag on your left shoulder, and do not use an ice bag on the front or side of your neck.


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