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How to Use an Ice Bag?

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How to Use an Ice Bag?

Ice bags can be used for patients with high fever cooling, anti-inflammatory pain relief, cold beauty, toothache bleeding, mosquito bites, summer heat and sports accidents bruises, sprains, falls, stop bleeding and pus, and other auxiliary physical therapy. Next is the introduction to the use of ice bags, including some precautions.

Here is the content list:

  • Operation method

  • Caution

Operation method

If you are using the ice bag indoors, you should open the window to ventilate the room, so that the indoor temperature is maintained at about 25 degrees Celsius. First of all, before we use the ice bag, check if the ice bag is broken, if there is a breakage, then it can no longer be used, you can choose to replace a new ice bag. Put the smashed small ice cubes into a basin of cool water and dissolve the ice cubes to remove the edges. Place the ice bag diagonally on the table into the ice cubes to 1/2 bag, and then put a little cold water. Slowly flatten the ice bag so that the liquid near the mouth of the ice bag, the gas inside the ice bag after clamping the ice bag mouth. Dry the ice bag upside down and shake, check for leaks, and then set the cloth cover. Place the ice bag on the desired part of the body of the sick child. Ice must be replaced promptly after melting. After use, pour the water inside the ice bag to control the dry, hang up, ice bag, set of washing and drying to be used. The use of ice bags is generally about half an hour, the use of time should not be too long, the specific usage should follow the doctor's instructions.


Every 10 minutes to observe the condition of the skin with cold parts, if there is pale, blue, gray, trembling, pain or numbness must immediately stop using. Pay attention to observe the ice bag to see if there is water leakage, the cloth set should be replaced immediately after wet. After the ice melts, the ice bag should be replaced promptly. Use time is generally 1O-30 minutes or as prescribed by the doctor. A ice bag with cold water is slightly higher than 1/2 full. ice bag too full on the cold local pressure is too large, affecting local blood circulation. Prohibited areas are behind the ear, precordial area, abdomen, scrotum, and the soles of the feet. Cooling at the same time can be placed in the heart of the foot hot water bags to reduce congestion of brain tissue, promote heat dissipation, increase comfort. If used for cooling, ice bags need to measure body temperature 30 minutes after use, after the axillary ice bag cooling, axillary temperature measurement should not be carried out within 50 minutes. Because local cold stimulation will make the vasoconstriction, local blood supply is reduced, cellular activity is reduced, the temperature is reduced, 30-60 minutes local can return to normal.

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