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How to Use a Bulb Syringe to Clean Ears

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How to Use a Bulb Syringe to Clean Ears

What is earwax? 

Earwax is a natural secretion that forms a protective film on the skin of the ear canal. The amount of wax produced varies from person to person. If you think you have wax build-up, don't try to clean the ear canal with wadding. It's going to make things worse because you're going to push some earwax in. It can also cause ear infections. According to the suggestions below, it may be helpful for you who are experiencing such problems. A doctor or nurse can examine the ear canal to confirm that the blockage has formed. Earwax clogging is not a serious problem, it's more of a nuisance. You only need to remove the wax if the accumulation of wax causes symptoms such as hearing loss or hearing aid problems.


What is a bulb syringe and where do I get it? 

The Ear Bulb Syringe is a rubber object in the shape of a small light bulb. We fill it with water and gently spray the water into the ear to remove the earwax. You can buy it at most pharmacies or online. When should ball syringes be used? 

Use bulb syringes when one or both ears are blocked with wax. This is called wax impaction. Ears are usually self-cleaning, and most people don't need to interfere with their ears at all because the skin cells in the eardrum and ear canal are constantly migrating outward. Some people make more earwax, or their ears don't clean it as effectively as others. In these cases, wax accumulates in the ear, sometimes causing obstruction and hearing loss. You can treat ear wax impaction with ear drops first.


When should a bulb syringe not be used? 

  • Do not use the ball syringe under the following circumstances: 

  • Ear pain.

  • The ear has a history of tympanic perforation recent ear infection symptoms of ear infection - usually painful or smelly secretions. 

  • If your ear has unpleasant secretions, it may mean that your ear has an infection. If you have only one hearing-impaired ear, the previous ear surgery. In these cases, make an appointment to see your practicing nurse or general practitioner for examination and appropriate treatment of your ears.


How to remove earwax


Prepare your ears by releasing the wax. Drop a few drops of baby oil or olive oil into your ear with a dropper, morning and evening, for a week. Tilt your head to one side, pull a little on the earlobe (to open the ear canal and prevent oil from flowing out), and then drip in. Usually, this simple action is enough to remove wax, especially in children.


Inject warm water into the Hand Bulb Syringe. Too cold water can hurt your ears. If it’s too hot, it can burn you or make you dizzy. If you want to be accurate, use a food thermometer to reach 98.6 ℉ (37 ℃) to get an accurate reading.


Tilt your head forward over the sink. Place the tip of the syringe close to the opening of the ear and gently squeeze the ball of the syringe to release water into the ear. Don’t squeeze hard to avoid water damaging your ears. Turn your head to the side of the ear you are cleaning, so the water will flow out with the wax deposit.

Then please dry your ears. Dry the ear with a towel. If necessary, drop a few drops of alcohol into the ear canal to help dry the inner ear.

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