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How to Store Ice Packs?

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How to Store Ice Packs?

To understand how to store Ice Packs, we must first understand the filling ingredient of Ice Packs. Ice packs in gel are a novel type of freezing medium that can be used frequently for medical cooling and fever relief, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold beauty, sprains, hemostasis, sepsis, skin care, and other auxiliary physical therapy. Ice Pack lifting frozen thawing, no water pollution, can be repeatedly applied, cold and hot applications, its reasonable cold application for the same volume of ice 6 times, may replace liquid nitrogen, ice, etc.

Following that, we'll discuss Ice Pack storage methods, including the Ice Pack storage methods and cautions.

Storage methods

When not in use, the Ice Pack should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent the Ice Pack outer bag from aging and breaking. You can also keep the Ice Pack flat and then refrigerate it for later use on a regular basis. It may also successfully maintain a low temperature, reduce the number of times the refrigerator compressor begins, and increase the refrigerator's life. If the bag tears and the gel inside leaks out, save it in an airtight container for next use.


When using an ice pack, it is important to first determine the seriousness of the injury, and if it is significant, it is critical to take it to the hospital immediately for first aid treatment. If the injury is not severe, we must apply the hot and cold compresses correctly. Both hot and cold compresses are forms of physical therapy, although they function very differently. Heat causes blood to come to life, whereas cold causes it to clot. As a result, while the ruptured vessel remains in a cold compressed state, compression should be given to restrict the course of the injury.

Hot compresses should be applied only after the use of cold compresses has been ceased in order to minimize blood stasis surrounding the incision. To avoid injuring the skin at the wound, medical ice packs should be applied cold and hot for no more than minutes, generally according to the principle of 10:10:10 (i.e., 10 minutes for the compress, 10 minutes for the interval, and then 10 minutes for the compress).

Nanjing Superfit I&E Co., Ltd hopes you can use the above Ice Pack storage method and read the cautions carefully.Find a large selection of wholesale Ice Bags and Gel Ice Packs that meet your needs. Please Contact Us for wholesale pricing.

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