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How to Store Gel Ice Pack?

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How to Store Gel Ice Pack?

Gel Ice Pack is a novel frozen medium, its thawing melting without water pollution, can be used repeatedly, for medical fever cooling antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprains, hemostasis, septic, skincare, and other auxiliary physical therapy and for perishable products, biological agents and all products that require refrigerated transport. Gel Ice Packs to lift the freezing melting when there is no aqueous environment pollution can be repeatedly applied, hot and cold applications, its reasonable application of cold volume on the same volume of ice 6 times, can replace liquid nitrogen, ice, etc. Next is the introduction of Gel Ice Pack storage methods, including the principle of Gel Ice Pack s and precautions.

Here is the content list:

Storage methods



Storage methods

When not in use at room temperature in a cool place, do not direct sunlight, to avoid the aging of Cool Packs packaging bag rupture. You can also put the Gel Ice Pack flat after the regular in the refrigerator freezer, convenient for the next use, but also effective in maintaining low temperature, reduce the number of times the refrigerator compressor starts, extend the service life of the refrigerator. If the bag is accidentally cut, the contents of the Gel Ice Pack to the mineral water bottle tighten the cap and continue to freeze the use.


The essence of the Gel Ice Pack is actually a cold storage product, is the use of certain chemical properties, after the production to achieve the purpose of cold storage, release cold. The main content is sodium polyacrylate (a sodium salt) and then add some other substances. Gel Ice Pack  product cold capacity, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-anti-radiation, and elastic. Gel Ice Pack is a novel freezing medium, its thawing and melting without water pollution, can be used repeatedly, its effective use of the cold capacity of ice 3 to 4 times, can replace ice as a heat exchange carrier to transfer heat freezing medium. The performance of our Gel Ice Pack  exceeds the level of similar products of other ice bag companies, and the service life is longer than similar products.


When using a Gel Ice Pack first of all to distinguish the severity of the injury, if the injury is serious, then in the emergency treatment immediately sent to the hospital for medical treatment. If the injury is not very serious, then we must correctly use hot and cold compresses. Hot compresses and cold compresses are physical therapy, but the role is very different. The blood will live with heat but will coagulate with cold. Therefore, when the ruptured blood vessel is still cold compresses should be applied to control the development of the injury. Hot compresses should be applied only after it has stopped to dissipate the blood stasis around the injury. Gel Ice Pack  cold and hot compress, need to pay attention to each cold compress time should not exceed minutes, generally by the principle of 10:10:10 (i.e., dressing 10 minutes, interval 10 minutes, and then dressing 10 minutes) to avoid damage to the skin at the wound.

Nanjing Superfit I&E Co., Ltd hope you can follow the above storage method of Gel Ice Pack and read the principle and precautions carefully.

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