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How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for You

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How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for You

    Your stethoscope is not just an important part of your uniform. It's a vital component to help you diagnose and treat patients properly. Research shows that it's also one of the few devices that convey to patients that you're trustworthy and reliable. In other words, no matter how often you use it, the stethoscope is a great addition to your arsenal as a nurse, doctor.

    It's relatively easy to determine the best stethoscope in your field. The best stethoscope for nurses may not be suitable for doctors, and vice-versa. Nurses are less likely to need expensive high-tech equipment to record data. But before you do anything, ask yourself how often you use the stethoscope and set a budget.

Premium Stainless Steel Dual Head Clinician Stethoscope

    This high-tech stethoscope is a major upgrade to the standard acoustic stethoscope of the past. It features a chalice-shaped chest piece with tunable diaphragms that can pick up a range of frequencies. It is also specially designed for demanding medical professionals, with comfortable earplugs and a variety of colors and styles.

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