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Guide for Shopping Safety Hot Water Bottles

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Guide for Shopping Safety Hot Water Bottles

While we are looking for ways to keep warm, millions of Britons have started buying: Hot Water Bottles. When buying a Hot Water Bottle, you must carefully consider the quality of the product you are buying and find out if it meets internationally recognized standards for rubber safety.

International standards require manufacturers to follow strict guidelines in producing products, testing the use of products, and ensuring that customers have clear instructions for the safe filling, use, care, and storage of hot water bottles.

The current British hot water bottle standard is 1970:2012.


As a consumer, matters needing attention:

1. British standard marking - the hot water bottle shall be marked with the current standard 1970:2012.

2. Manufacturer's and / or dealer's marking - so that the manufacturer / dealer can find serious defects in the product.

3. Is the bottle attached with complete instructions? You should strictly abide by it and keep it for future reference.

It is also wise to check the following:

1. Date Daisy - look for numbers in the center of the daisy. This shows the production year of hot water bottles. We recommend you to buy hot water bottles within 2 years to achieve a better use effect. When you get your hot water bottles, please follow the storage instructions of BS 1970:2012.

2. Whether the Stopper Is Correctly Installed - test the stopper by screwing in and out of the bottle. It should be easy to install and use.

3. Warranty Provided - unless expressly stated, any warranty printed on the product is only for manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover general damage to the thermos bottle caused by personal use.


When you buy a rubber hot water bottle, high rubber content means that your hot water bottle will stay warm for a longer time, because rubber is a good thermal insulation material! 

How to Judge the Rubber Content of Rubber Hot Water Bottle?

If the bottle feels slippery, powdery, fragile, shiny, and has no rubber smell, it usually indicates that the rubber content is low. This means that there are more additives in the "formula" of the bottle, which will cause the bottle to become brittle and deteriorate rapidly. The softer and more elastic the hot water bottle, the higher the rubber content. However, please don't worry, this rubber smell will generally disappear after several times of use. 


We hope this guide can help you use a hot water bottle safely. If you have any questions or want to know more about Hot Water Bottle Series products, please Contact us.

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