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Different Types of Ice Bag

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Different Types of Ice Bag

The ice pack is not only an exclusive item for athletes, but also one of the necessary props in people's medical kits. There are many types of ice packs that can be used to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain caused by arthritis. People can choose the most suitable method according to their personal preferences, budget and convenience.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of ice bag:

(1) Reusable ice bag

(2) Ice bag compress

(3) Knee ice bag

(4) Instant ice pack (disposable ice pack)


(1) Reusable ice bag

Many types of reusable ice bags (such as ice bags filled with gel) can be stored in the refrigerator for use when needed, and re-freeze after each use. These cold storage bags can be purchased in pharmacies and department stores.

This ice pack consists of two layers of non-woven textile material, which are compressed into a special form of cross-linked, polyacrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. The two key plastic layers inside use one-way micro-perforation technology to combine the plastic layer with the textile material layer to ensure that this new model can withstand the harshest weather during transportation. This performance is undoubtedly one Kind of innovation.


(2) Ice bag compress

Ice bag compress refers to materials that are frozen or refrigerated, such as ice packs or cool wet towels. If used correctly, they can help relieve pain, swelling or fever. There are many forms of cold compresses, including commercially available products and homemade solutions. Different types of compressions will contribute to varying degrees of injury. For example, a bag of ice packs may be too cold to fit comfortably on the eye area, while a cool cloth may be slightly better. Cold compresses or cold compresses can help relieve symptoms of various conditions, including: eye allergies, hemorrhoids, gout, muscle strains, etc. You just need to avoid putting the ice compress directly on the eyes or baby.


(3) Knee ice bag

Freezing the knee is simple and straightforward. Ice helps prevent inflammation in its trajectory (related to heat). The freezing process is very simple, such as zip-lock bags and ice cubes from the refrigerator, or special ice bags with wrappers, which can fix the ice cubes on the knee.

If you use a homemade ice bag (zip lock), make sure there is a layer of fabric between the bag and the skin. If ice stays directly on the skin (or thin plastic layer), it may cause burning.

Wrap the zipper bag in a cotton towel and stick it to your knees. The zip lock bag may also leak or sweat, so please check to make sure that no water comes out of the bag.

If you buy an ice pack, you can use it with fabric to protect your skin, and the ice pack may come with straps to tie the ice to your knees. The ice pack will not leak or sweat and will be more user-friendly. The ice pack is also reusable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ice cubes (see options below).


(4) Instant ice pack (disposable ice pack)

Quick-cooling ice packs/instant-cooling ice packs refrigerate immediately, and can no longer be used for refrigeration after one use. This is generally used in sports venues or outdoor sports venues. Used for cold compresses, emergency wound treatment and other unexpected situations. These packages may "rupture" (usually by hand), triggering a chemical reaction, causing the package to become cold within a few seconds. They stay low for a long time when used at room temperature.

Help control and relieve bruises and pain caused by minor sprains, bruises, strains, burns, etc., and quickly eliminate pain and discomfort caused by fever, headache, toothache, mosquito bites, etc.

In places where there is no cold source, it can also be used to freeze and keep fresh vegetables, fruits, beer, beverages, food, etc. in a short time.

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