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Can I put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

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Can I put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

We recommend against this unless the manufacturer clearly marks it as microwaveable. Most traditional hot water bottles are made of rubber and will melt. Try to heat water in a microwave safe cup and pour it into a hot water bottle. Be careful not to burn yourself when pouring-a funnel may help.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using hot water bottle:

(1) Can I put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

(2) How to fill a hot water bottle?

(3) How to maintain hot water bottle?


(1) Can I put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

It is dangerous to heat a hot water bottle in a microwave oven, never try!

When the microwave oven is heated, the water and the bag will be heated together, which will make the water bag soft, produce water vapor, and possibly explode! Therefore, it is best not to use a microwave oven to heat the hot water bottle. If there is no other boiler for heating water, consider using a non-sealed container to heat the water first, and then pour it into the hot water bottle! Under normal circumstances, the hot water bottle will be sealed to prevent leakage. If the gas generated by water heating cannot escape, it will explode.


(2) How to fill a hot water bottle?

Here are some precautions for filling a hot water bottle with hot water.

Do not use boiling water when filling. Very good hot water is good, but boiling water can cause cracks or leaks, thereby shortening the life of the hot water bottle. Avoid pouring water from the domestic hot water system because impurities will shorten the life of the bottle. The preferred method is to use water from a kettle that has been boiled and cooled. Fill slowly to avoid splashing back and make sure the funnel is empty when you are done. For those who have never used them, you will find that using them regularly will find the perfect calories that suit you best. Do not heat in a microwave or conventional oven.

Up to three quarters, do not overfill. Overfilling will cause it to crack, filling to the correct level will emit a lot of heat, and the effect will be the same. Carefully lower the hot water bottle onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening, expelling excess air.

It may be helpful to cover the bottle with a towel while heating the water when filling, which will help avoid scalding. For unstable hands, there is a PVC or TPU hot water bottle with a wider neck opening, so it is easier to pour out and helps avoid spills and spills.

When tightening the plug, please make sure it is tightened correctly. Hand tightening should be sufficient. Tightening too tight will cause the seal to rupture and leak. With one hand on your neck, hold the hot water bottle upright to loosen the stopper. When tightening the plug, do not twist your body under the neck, because twisting will increase the pressure on the neck joints. If you continue to twist, the joints will be designed for internal strength, rather than cracking to resist twisting. If the hot water bottle stopper is loose, please replace it with a new one, be sure to replace it frequently.


(3) How to maintain hot water bottle?

How can I make the hot water bottle last longer? Here is the answer.

Avoid contact with hot surfaces, oil, grease and direct sunlight. Keep away from sharp objects, including pet claws and teeth. When storing the drain pipe completely, remove the stopper and store in a cool, frost-free place. When using it again, perform a thorough visual inspection. When opening or closing the stopper, do not use boiling water, and always keep the hot water bottle against your neck. Twisting it without support will weaken the shoulder and eventually tear. Our products including Medical Apparatus, Ice Bag Pack, contact us now.

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