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Why Your Label Comes off the Freezing Tube

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Why Your Label Comes off the Freezing Tube

Low temperature and frozen storage of sensitive samples may present challenges. Samples that need to be stored in extremely cold conditions need to be properly and carefully labeled to maintain sample integrity, but labeling under these conditions can be tricky.

Your test tube and cryogenic or frozen label may need to withstand liquid nitrogen, temperatures as low as - 196 centigrade, and laboratory chemicals. These are some tubes and vials that are not prepared for the extremely harsh environment; Not to mention the labels and barcodes on their outer surfaces.

Because of this challenge, we are often asked the question, "why does my low-temperature label come off?"

In this article, we will analyze the situation that the low-temperature label may fall off the tube and vial due to low-temperature storage, so that you can avoid these problems during operation.


Why does the label on Cryovial Tube fall off

1.The label is attached to the frosted surface

2.You are pasting the label on a warm tube


Problem 1: The label is attached to the frosted surface

Low-temperature labels are designed to withstand extreme cold and frost, but that doesn't mean they can be applied to any surface.

When the sample is frozen, a layer of frost will form on the surface of the container; Although frost is solid, it can be labeled, but it's not a good idea. When you attach a label to a frosted vial, you do not attach the label directly to the container, but the cream. This means that there is a layer of water between your label and the sample container. When this layer melts, the adhesive will lose its grip and may cause the label to fall off.


A simple way to solve this problem is to remove the frost from the tube or vial before labeling. This will remove moisture from the sample before it is returned to cold storage, making the label stick to a dry surface where it is easier to adhere.


Problem 2: Attach the label to the warm tube

Labeling too cold tubes is not the only time to have problems labeling too hot tubes can also cause the label to fall off. Plastic contracts not only when it is frozen, but also expands when it is heated, so when a warm tube is put into the refrigerator, it contracts more than a cold or ambient temperature tube.

This means that if you attach the ambient temperature label to the warm tube, both contract at the same time, but the shrinkage rate is different and the length of time is different. This will cause the adhesive to tear off the sample surface because one shrinks faster than the other, or the tube continues to shrink once the label is fully contracted.


One simple way to solve this problem is to label the cold sample after the cream is removed. This way, when the label contracts on the vial, the vial will remain the same size and the amount of adhesive affected will be minimized.

If the sample must enter the labeled storage area, look for a label strategy that is not susceptible to temperature changes. In this case, we recommend using surround labeling or direct labeling techniques. The surround label is not only attached to the container but also on the other side of the label, reducing the possibility of the adhesive being warped, while the direct marking completely bypasses the adhesive and directly imaging the container.

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