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Why We Choose Flocked Swabs

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Why We Choose Flocked Swabs

Flocking cotton swabs is the latest development of disposable specimen collection equipment. Flocking refers to the process of strengthening sampling by coating a variety of fibers on the surface of the adhesive, which is called flocking. All Flocked Swabs have certain advantages in many applications. Next, we will introduce why Flocked Swabs are a good choice for laboratory experts to sample. Flocked Swabs provide an optimal sampling.


1.Flocked Swabs provide the best sampling

Flocking swabs are a good choice for rapid diagnosis, we can have better Swab Sample Collection cells or organisms from collection points and quickly release whole cells. Due to the unique production process of Collection Swab, a flocking swab can obtain a higher sample yield. These Specimen Collection Swabs do not hold the samples they have collected because they do not have cores that are wound like traditional swabs.


2.Improve diagnosis sensitivity

Cell and virus samples were collected with a flocked swab for clinical diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It uses advanced spray technology. Under the action of static electricity, millions of nylon microfibers are vertically attached to the medical-grade flocking head. Static electricity is injected into the fiber and attached to the tip of the coating in a uniform vertical manner. This allows the cell sample to be quickly absorbed. The sample release rate of the flocked swab was at least 95%, while that of the flocked cotton swab was 25%. Flocking swabs are compatible with EIA, molecular, DFA, cell biology, bacteriology, and virus breeding applications.


3. Quickly elution

The rapid elution makes the sample release into the liquid quickly. The flocking head is fully integrated with the handle. The open fiber structure allows the sample to enter the liquid medium instantaneously. This is different from the traditional swab, flocking swab can not only provide better sample yield but also release the complete sample into the liquid medium faster.


4. Multiple lengths flocking fibers

The sample collection swab as many lengths of flocked fiber. The diameter of a single fiber is only one centimeter and the length is between 0.25 and 5 mm. The binder used to capture fibers has the same flexibility and wear resistance as the substrate. The plant fiber can form a network structure and has a flexible texture like a brush. It can remove cells quickly and effectively. It can collect and retain more samples than traditional cotton, polyester, or viscose swabs.


5. Simple operation

Our flocked swab has prefabricated breakpoints and printed indicators, you can easily break it and save the collected samples. The aseptic sampling flocking swab can be used for drying conveying tubes and medium filling conveying tubes. After sampling, it can be transported without worry only by changing the pipe top. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more information and free samples.

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