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Where to use medical air cushion?

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Where to use medical air cushion?

Hospital air beds are a prerequisite to help patients stay comfortable and prevent them from various risks. The restricted blood flow in bedridden or impaired patients can destroy skin cells. This breakdown of skin cells can lead to bedsores, which later turn into painful ulcers.

(1)What is medical air cushion?

The medical air cushion used in hospital beds is an AC pressure mattress system developed to make recovering patients feel comfortable. They lie on the bed for more than 15 hours a day. Such patients may develop pressure ulcers and these beds help prevent bedsores. In order to avoid rupture of the patient's skin due to low blood flow, medical air cushions use alternating pressure and low air loss therapy to stimulate circulation in the patient's body.

    The mattress cover of these medical air cushions is filled with air and consists of multiple cylinders placed parallel to each other. These cylinders together form an air mattress. They are usually composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is strong and sturdy, and can support up to 350 pounds. The included digital pump can be used to inflate and deflate it and control the air pressure. The most preferred medical air cushion for hospital beds is made of waterproof material, has a steam-permeable surface, and has a soft quilt-like feel.

(2)Benefits of using medical air cushion

These uniquely designed mattresses provide patients with maximum comfort and rapid recovery. Some of the advantages of these products are:

    Improve blood circulation: When the patient moves on the mattress, the pressure point will constantly change. This further helps to enhance the blood circulation of the patient's body, so they will get a better sleep.

    Alternative pressure points: Patients who lie in bed for a long time are prone to problems such as bedsores and pressure sores. This is due to continuous pressure on specific parts of their bodies. However, due to the alternating pressure point characteristics of bedsores, air cushions for bedsores can avoid this problem.

    Low air loss technology: It is difficult to sleep on hot surfaces. Therefore, medical air mattresses used in hospital beds use low air loss technology. Below this, there are many small holes on the mattress. These holes allow a small amount of air to leak and keep the surface cool to keep you asleep.

    Convenience: Mattresses used for patients require frequent cleaning and maintenance. The medical air cushion is light in weight and easy to maintain, so there is no problem.


(3)Which type of hospital mattress is the best?

Medical air cushions can be divided into different types. The first is with an air pump. This additional tool helps to change the pressure point according to your convenience and transform the product into an adjustable air cushion for hospital beds. These functions are very useful for those who tend to sleep in one position for a long time to prevent bedsores or pressure sores.

    Another feature is the low air loss technology, which allows a small amount of air to escape the air cushion of the hospital bed. Therefore, it keeps the surface cool and the patient does not feel any problems sleeping on it. If you want an air bed for bedsores, you can also look for a memory foam top. But please always remember to check the condition of the hospital bed with the air cushion before purchasing.

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