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What Should You Know About Masks

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What Should You Know About Masks

So far, people know that wearing masks and social distance are the best ways to prevent the spread of covid-19. However, although you can find masks in any store now, not all masks provide the same protection. Here's what you need to know about masks and covid-19:

There are three common types of masks for preventing covid-19: Cloth MasksMedical Disposable Masks, and N95 Masks. The effect of these masks varies with their materials and suitability. The Medical Disposable Masks, also known as surgical mask, or "ring" mask, is loose-fitting that is fixed to the user's face through a ring on each ear and is disposable. They are commonly used in medical procedures to protect others from any germs that may be transmitted by the wearer. The N95 mask is designed to form a seal around the user's nose and mouth and to filter out at least 95% of the tiny particles in the air, including coronavirus, using a special synthetic fiber. These masks are an important part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that medical staff needs to care for patients, as well as goggles, gowns, and gloves.


Should I wear a mask?

Depending on your vaccination, the mask instructions will vary. If you have been fully vaccinated against the covid-19 virus, you no longer need to wear a mask or keep social distance in most indoor and outdoor environments. However, people who are fully vaccinated should still abide by the local regulations on masks and social distance, as well as the rules of local enterprises and workplaces.

Children aged two and above who have not been vaccinated with covid-19 should continue to wear masks in all public places and are fully vaccinated and vaccinated groups. However, if you are not fully vaccinated, you can exercise outdoors with your family members without a mask and attend small outdoor parties with fully vaccinated people from other families. If you live or care for people who have symptoms or test positive for covid-19, it is also recommended to wear a mask at home.

No matter what your vaccination status, everyone should continue to wear masks in medical settings, on trains, buses, airplanes, or other public transport, at transport hubs such as airports and bus stations, in prisons, prisons, and homeless shelters. This is to slow down the spread of the virus and prevent people who carry the virus but don't know it from passing it on to others.

What kind of mask should I wear?

Although wearing any kind of mask can reduce the risk of suffering from covid-19, not all masks are equally effective. To better protect yourself, please follow these guidelines:

Choose a mask that is fitted to your nose, mouth, and chin. A mask with a nose line is the best choice. Masks "fitters" or "braces" can also be used to help the mask fit better.

A disposable mask for medical use of the knot and tuck method.

Do not use two disposable masks at the same time.

Do not use the N95 or kn95 mask in combination with other masks.

It is important to remember that none of these options provide 100% protection. When wearing masks or masks, you should continue to practice social distance and follow recommended precautions such as hand washing to protect yourself and others.

Be sure to clean the cloth mask regularly according to the frequency of use, and use the washing machine if possible. If it's disposable, throw it away. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when you take off the mask. Wash hands immediately after touching.

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