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What Is Lab Specimen Bags? Everything You Need to Know

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What Is Lab Specimen Bags? Everything You Need to Know

Facilities throughout the medical industry transport biohazardous substances, such as laboratory specimens, test samples, human tissues, and medical waste, every day. These substances are usually transported between different locations for testing, diagnosis, medical use, or disposal and must be packaged in such a way that they do not come into contact with any external objects.

For diagnostic samples, they must be kept in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and maintain their detection ability. Medical waste and potentially infectious substances, such as blood or items contaminated by human waste, must be stored in sealed containers to protect the health of processors and transporters. It is also important that any packaging containing biohazardous substances be clearly labeled so that its contents are easy to read and can be handled with due care.

To this end, health care companies use biohazard bags to safely transfer hazardous medical materials from one place to another, so they can use or dispose of these materials without harming their use or the health of surrounding people.


What are biohazard bags and what are their uses?

Biohazard bags are paper or plastic bags designed for safe packaging, transportation, and disposal of diagnostic and infectious materials.

By using zipper fasteners for sealing, biohazard bags can be used to create a sterile, sealed environment containing biohazardous substances. This can protect the laboratory and test samples from external contamination, as well as the processing personnel from potentially infectious substances. Designed to resist tearing, piercing, or leaking, biohazard bags often have a much stronger construction than other plastic bags. Many packages also contain fillers, such as bubble wrap, to provide extra protection for fragile materials.

This enables them to safely transport medical materials from one facility (such as a hospital or doctor's office) to another for diagnosis, use, or disposal. Biohazard Sample Bags come in many sizes and can be used to transport a variety of medical materials.


If I use transparent bags with biohazardous waste labels to transport laboratory specimens, do I need to treat them as regulated medical waste or conventional waste?

Specimen Transport Bags are used as containers for transportation without obvious stains, but as long as the biohazard symbol is printed on them, any items with biohazard labels must be treated as regulated medical waste, regardless of whether they are contaminated or not. Waste transporters are not allowed to pick up conventional waste (usually represented by symbols) contaminated by biohazardous waste and put it into the conventional waste stream, even if there is no visible pollution.

Superfit ® Specimen Bags With Pouch are provided to allow you to mark potentially dangerous content bags. Our transparent biohazard bag is made of 100% original low-density polyethylene resin, which conforms to the international standard. Biohazard Transport Bags are used to transport laboratory samples to hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, laboratories, and testing facilities safely and hygienically. They help protect healthcare workers from potential sample leaks and contamination. These zipper-lock bags are marked with the universal biohazard symbol.

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