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What Is Hot Water Bottle?

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What Is Hot Water Bottle?

A simple hot water bottle can help babies fall asleep faster, relieve menstrual cramps, and relieve neck pain. Obviously, for many families, this staple food has more uses than we know: from reducing anxiety to curing various types of discomfort in your body. Therefore, when we discover these awesome properties of thermos, we can't just hide them. No matter the size, just choose a suitable size for your thermos and use it when your body needs it! Let us continue reading to learn more about hot water bottles!

This passage is going to talk about the following of hot water bottles:

(1) What is hot water bottle?

(2) Where are hot water bottles used?

(3) Attentions to use hot water bottle


(1) What is hot water bottle?

The traditional hot water bottle is just an empty bag made of rubber, usually square, with a hot water inlet and outlet at one end, which is sealed with a plug, mostly a spiral plug. Its use method is to pour in hot water for heating. With the development of science and technology, there are a series of durable hot water bottles such as Rubber Hot Water Bottle, PVC Hot Water BottleLong Hot Water Bottle, Electric Hot Water Bottle.

The water storage type electric hot water bottle, through filling the liquid, there is a heater inside, plug in the power source to heat the liquid in the bag, to achieve the purpose of heating. The electric heating cake is filled with thermal insulation cotton, and the thermal insulation cotton inside can be heated by plugging in the power source to achieve the heating effect. 


(2) Where are hot water bottles used?

The hot water bottle is very versatile body warmer. It can be consumed in various situations. Here are some uses.

A hot water bottle can help your child fall asleep faster. Children are very sensitive to temperature and may not fall asleep if they leave their mother's arms. But with a hot water bottle, you can put them to sleep in a hug.

Various problems can cause abdominal pain. A hot water bottle can relieve the pain caused by colon waste, you just need to put it on your abdomen, lie on the bed and relax. Pregnant women can also consume her to relieve pregnancy pain. 

Stress has become a common occurrence for many of us, and sometimes we need some extra help to relax and calm the things that bother us. The next time you feel sad or depressed, try holding a thermos. It can improve your blood circulation and can help you relax.

Not only that, the thermos can also be used for watering flowers. When the water in the thermos has cooled down, it can still be used. Your plants will thank you later! 


(3) Attentions to use hot water bottle

The water temperature in the hot water bottle should not be too high, generally, 60℃-70℃ is appropriate. Be sure to check the tightness of the stopper before use. It is best to wrap the outside with a towel before using it.

In the cold winter, you should pay attention to the following matters when using the hot water bottle:

The rubber gasket at the lower end of the cover is an important part to ensure that the hot water bottle does not leak. Do not pour the rubber gasket with the water when pouring water.

Do not fill boiling water directly. The water temperature should be around 90°C to prevent premature aging of the rubber.

Never fill the bag with greasy dirty water to prevent deformation and aging of the bag.

Do not overfill the water, it is better to put a cloth cover on the hot water bottle.

When the hot water bottle is not in use, it must not be hung in a place exposed to sunlight, nor in the kitchen.

As long as you follow some of the above precautions, your kettle can bring you the best experience.

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