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What Are the Types of Hot Water Bottles?

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What Are the Types of Hot Water Bottles?

In winter, I believe that many people have already started buying hot water bottles. The hot water bottle is a personal heating device. Therefore, you should pay attention to its quality when choosing it. It is important to choose safe hot water bottles produced by regular businesses. And pay attention to the safety of hot water bottle. So, let's take a look at what types of hot water bottles are available.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of hot water bottle:

(1) 3 categories of hot water bottles

(2) Traditional hot water bottles

(3) Attentions to use hot water bottle


(1) 3 categories of hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are divided into three categories: traditional hot water bottles, water storage electric hot water bottles and electric pie-shaped hot water bottles. What they have in common is that they can achieve the purpose of heating

1. The traditional hot water bottle is just an empty bag made of rubber, usually square, with a hot water inlet and outlet at one end, which is sealed with a stopper, and most of it is a spiral stopper. Its use is to fill in hot water for heating Function, according to the material is divided into rubber hot water bottle and PVC hot water bottle.

2. The water storage type electric hot water bottle has a heater inside by filling it with liquid, and plugging in the power supply to heat the liquid in the bag to achieve the purpose of heating.

3. The electric heating cake is filled with thermal insulation cotton, and the moisturizing cotton inside can be heated by plugging in the power source to achieve the heating effect.


(2) Traditional hot water bottles

Medical-grade PVC hot water bottles and rubber hot water bottles are common traditional hot water bottles.

The standard of PVC hot water bottle will be higher. PVC hot water bottle is resistant to high temperature and non-toxic. This is also more related to the production process. However, the general strength of PVC hot water bottles is generally lower than that of rubber hot water bottles, which will cause explosion or water leakage to a large extent after being squeezed.

Rubber hot water bottles have better heat resistance than PVC, but rubber ones may sometimes have a heavy smell and smell a little strange. Therefore, rubber hot water bottles are not very suitable for babies.


(3) Electric hot water bottle

The electric hand warmer (commonly known as the electric hot water bottle) has novel appearance, large heat storage, long heat preservation time, reasonable structure and convenient use. The rechargeable electric hot water bottle generally contains electrolyte, which is a mixture of water and chemical salts. When the electricity is turned on, the water and the electrolyte have strong conductivity, which heats up quickly and dissipates slowly. The electrolyte in the electric hot water bottle cannot be changed casually. If you accidentally pour it out, you can add water and add a small amount of salt. Plug-in hot water bottle Explanation: It is also called warm water treasure, electric heating bag, personal warmer, etc. It is popular for its affordable price and long-term insulation.


When choosing an electric hot water bottle, choose a fabric that is waterproof, wear-resistant, flame-retardant and easy to clean. Choose a hot water bottle that has good feel and elasticity. You can touch the hot water bottle with your hands when purchasing. The thicker hand feels better. Stretch the hot water bottle and then let go. The easier it is to restore the original shape, the better the elasticity of the hot water bottle. 

Through the introduction of this article, I hope you know more about the hot water bottle. Visit our website for more information about Wholesale Hot Water Bottles.

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