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What Are PCR Tubes?

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What Are PCR Tubes?

Polymerase chain reaction uses some special instruments to enlarge a very small amount of DNA millions of times, so the sensitivity is very high. PCR Tube is an important part of PCR system construction, and plastic consumables are critical to the success of experiments and data collection, especially in medium and high-throughput workflow applications. 

Understanding the basic information of PCR/qPCR strip tube consumables will help you make the right choice and obtain the best PCR and qPCR results.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of PCR strip tubes:

(1) What is PCR?

(2) What is a PCR tube?

(3) Specification of PCR tube


(1)What is PCR?

PCR(polymerase chain reaction). It is a method of enzymatically synthesizing specific DNA fragments in vitro. It consists of high-temperature denaturation, low-temperature annealing, and suitable temperature extension. It consists of a cycle, which is carried out in cycles so that the target DNA can be rapidly amplified. 

It can not only be used for basic research such as gene isolation and cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but also for disease diagnosis and any place where DNA and RNA are present.


(2)What is unique about the PCR tubes?

PCR tubes are made of quality polypropylene that has been specifically formulated. These tubes are excellent for thermal transfer applications. The unique cap design assures a precise fit and prevents sample evaporation during the thermal cycle.

(3)Specification of PCR strip tube

The sample volume of PCR/qPCR strip tubes determines the scale (volume) of the PCR/qPCR reaction that can be successfully performed. The excessive injection will result in a decrease in the efficiency of heat transfer, overflow, and cross-contamination. On the other hand, insufficient sample loading will result in sample loss due to evaporation. 

The most common volume specifications of PCR/qPCR consumables are:

Tube: 0.5 mL, 0.2 mL, 0.1 mL

PCR/qPCR strip tubes with uniform thin walls will provide uniform heat conduction to the reacted samples. The ultra-thin wall plastic is about 50% thinner than the standard version, further reducing the thermal barrier, resulting in a faster and more robust response. The sealing film and tube cover used for qPCR need to have a high degree of optical permeability to ensure the best fluorescence signal transmission and the least distortion. 

Please note that white tubes are recommended for improving qPCR data, as described above.


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