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Washing Your Hands With A Surgical Scrub Brush

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Washing Your Hands With A Surgical Scrub Brush

    Many diseases are spread by not washing hands with soap or clean running water. Hands are the easiest way to spread bacteria, and a small number of them are harmless, nonpathogenic microorganisms, which are usually found on human skin. Some bacteria survive on the surface for hours and can enter the eyes, nose, and mouth by hand.

    Therefore, keeping hands clean is essential to prevent infection, both in social life and in health care institutes such as hospitals, clinics, and dental clinics.

    The most effective hand scrub brush is highly effective in reducing medically related infection rates. Surgical hand-washing can significantly reduce the number of microbes on the hands and forearms before surgery or before patient care.

    Here are the steps to follow when using a surgical scrub brush with chlorhexidine:

    Clean the Spaces under the nail with a file carefully.

    Brush nails and cuticles, and pay close attention to the area between fingers with a dry brush dipped in fungicide;

    Finally, place the brush and file in the designated trash can, first clean your hands, then your forearms (hands above forearms);

    Dry your hands and forearms with a sterile rag, one at a time, using your fingers in turn (one at a time), then your palms/back, wrists, and finally your forearms to the elbow joint.

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