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Use a hot water bottle safely

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Use a hot water bottle safely

Is the hot water bottle washable?

When the surface of the hot water bottle is dirty, remember not to wash it with soap, the best choice is to wash it with water. When the hot water bottle is not in use and ready to be stored, remember to fill it with air or put some cool water in it, then hang it upside down in a cool and ventilated place. In the process of using the hot water bag, a cloth cover can be put on the outside, which isn’t only convenient to use but also prolongs the service life of the hot water bottle. The temperature of the hot water in the hot water bottle is preferably between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius, because too high a temperature will speed up the aging speed of the hot water bottle and reduce its service life.

Are hot water bottles safe?

    When charging, you can gently shake the bag body to avoid uneven water temperature in the bag and make the water temperature in the bag uniform. The surface of the hot water bottle should not be stabbed with a sharp object, or beaten strongly to avoid damage caused by rupture and leakage; if there is damage or leakage, it must not be recharged.

    When using a hot water bottle for heating, be sure to tighten the cover; and it is best to put a protective cover on the outside of the hot water bottle to prevent the water from flowing out and scalding. Be careful that the water temperature isn’t  too hot and the time isn’t too long. The hot water bottle should be placed 10cm next to the feet, not on the feet; it is best to put it in the quilt before going to bed and take it out when going to bed. There are many varieties of hot water bags, and the quality is uneven. It is recommended that consumers choose well-known brands when purchasing, do not buy "three-no" products. At the same time, you should also carefully read the use methods and precautions on the product manual to better understand the product characteristics, such as the manual reads, "It is strictly forbidden to charge and heat in the state where half of the water is filled and the air is not exhausted, so as to avoid the bag body bursting, etc. Unsafe accident", "The power supply must be disconnected during the charging process", etc.

Use a hot water bottle safely

1. First of all, you can't buy "three no" products. It is very important to choose a hot water bottle of good quality. Don't try to be cheap, buy poor quality, and don't buy fake and shoddy products.

2. If you use a rechargeable hot water bottle, it may have an insulating layer. If you use a traditional rubber hot water bottle, it is best to put a cover on it when you use it close to your body to prevent yourself from burning yourself. You may not feel hot when you use it, because the skin of the hot water bottle is thick, but it is best to remember to put on a cover when you use it.

3. Before filling the water, the air in the bag should be exhausted (the bag should be flattened and squeezed from the back to the front) to prevent the air in the bag from being heated and swelled and squirting the boiling water and hurting people.

4. When charging the hot water bottle, someone should always watch it to prevent accidents. Because the charging power cord of the charging hot water bottle is relatively thin, it is prone to short circuit and fire, so watch the charging. After all, it only takes about 5 minutes to charge, and don't play with a hot water bottle while charging.

5. Use boiling water to test the installation before use, and check the surface for scratches, leakage, cracks and aging. If any of them are found, refuse to use. Before use, check whether the plug has a gasket and whether the gasket is damaged.

6. Generally, the lifespan of a hot water bottle is not very long. A good rubber hot water bottle can be used for two or three years. Generally, it is best to replace a charged hot water bottle every year.

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