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Types of Surgical Scrub Brush

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Types of Surgical Scrub Brush

 Hands are the most common means for germs to spread, with a small fraction of them being harmless, non-pathogenic bacteria found on human skin. Through hands, it is possible for germs to enter our eyes, nose, and mouth.

Therefore, in social life and medical institutions (such as hospitals, clinics, and dental clinics), cleaning your hands is important to prevent infection. It is necessary to use a Surgical Scrub Brush to disinfect your hands.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of surgical scrub brush:

(1) What is a surgical scrub brush?

(2) How to use a surgical scrub brush?


(1) What is a surgical scrub brush?

Surgical scrub brushing is a simple and easy disinfection measure, which can effectively prevent and control the spread of pathogens and prevent the occurrence of postoperative infections; as a clinical first-line physician, he must have the skill of standard brushing.

When brushing the entire upper limbs, pay attention to the segmented brushing. The segmented brushing is to divide the upper limbs of the operator into three parts: hands, bilateral forearms, and bilateral upper arms. 

The order of brushing should not be reversed. Only after scrubbing the hands can the forearms be scrubbed, and finally the upper arms can be scrubbed.


(2) How to use a surgical scrub brush?

There are different types of surgical cleaning products on the market. The most common surgical scrub brushes are liquid disinfectants or foam soaps used in combination with water and dry surgical scrub brushes.

Steps to Wash Your Hands:

1. Wet your hands and forearms to the elbow joints;

2. Avoid touching the handle of the dispenser and dispense disinfectant soap with your elbow;

3. Perform a surgical scrub brush and rinse your hands and forearms under running water for a few minutes;

4. Clean the space under the nail carefully with a file;

5. Use a dry surgical brush soaked in a disinfectant to scrub the nails and cuticle, and pay close attention to the area between the fingers;

6. Finally, put the brush and file in the designated trash can, and then wash your hands first, and then wash your forearms (place your hands above your forearms);

7. Dry the hands and forearms with a sterile drape, starting with the fingers (one at a time), then the palms/back, wrists, and finally the forearms to the elbow.

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