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Types of Hot Water Bottles You Need to Know

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Types of Hot Water Bottles You Need to Know

Hot water bottles have undergone great changes over the years. Now, it is never easy to get what you want from the wide variety of styles and types on the market. Read this blog to learn about the types of hot water bottles.

Hot water bottles can be divided into Rubber Hot Water Bottle, PVC Hot Water Bottle, and silicone hot water bottle according to the material.


Rubber Hot Water Bottle

Rubber is still the most common material for hot water bottles because it has excellent insulating properties and can prevent heat loss. These rubbers will dissipate a typical rubber smell during use. These rubber hot water bags have ribs on one side and smooth or cross patterns on the other - this provides comfortable heat on the smooth side and heat dissipation on the rib side.


PVC Hot Water Bottle

PVC hot water bottles can also be called thermoplastic hot water bottles. PVC material is odorless, recyclable, and can be steam-sterilized or autoclave. They can also be transparent, easy to know how much water is inside when filled. PVC Hot Water Bag is a good choice for those who are allergic to rubber or want the latest technology, design, and style.


Silicone Hot Water Bottle

Silicone hot water bottle is made of environmentally friendly silicone. The hot water bag is colorless, odorless, and high-temperature resistant. It will not have any change and will not emit a peculiar smell due to high temperature. It can be heated in a microwave oven. Silicone hot water bag is soft and can be bent at will. The price of a silicone hot water bag made of food-grade silicone will be higher than that of an ordinary hot water bag.


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