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The Ultimate Guide to What Is a Good Hot Water Bag

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The Ultimate Guide to What Is a Good Hot Water Bag

    Rubber Hot Water Bag is a kind of daily consumer goods that are made of non-toxic and non-irritating materials such as natural rubber and synthetic rubber, which is used for medical care and winter life and heating. Because of its simplicity and practicality, it is favored by the majority of consumers. This guide refers to the quality standards of domestic industry in China so that our consumers can understand the test that a high-quality hot water bag needs to undergo in the factory successfully.

    If there is a quality problem in the physical and mechanical properties of rubber hot water bags, it will easily cause scald and other personal injuries to users. Therefore, the quality of rubber hot water bags has been paid attention to by the general public.

    When we choose hot water bags, we first look at the overall appearance of the bag body. The hand is thick and comfortable; the mouth can be gently blown to make the bag body expand naturally; the single (double) tooth pattern is clear; the flat and no slight distortion of the bag body are the basic elements for the selection of qualified hot water bags. Secondly, the adhesive strength between the water filling port of the Hot Water Bag and the rubber of the bag body is seen. The bonding place can be turned out by hand, and there shall be no crack and degumming at the bonding place. Third, see whether the water bag irrigation screw is slippery. If there are sliding teeth, the hot water bag is easy to leak. When selecting, the hot water bag with a smooth surface and clear thread shall be selected. Fourth, look at the elasticity of the hand of the hot water bag. The elasticity of the hot water bag is good, which indicates that the glue content of the hot water bag is high. When choosing, you can touch the hot water bag by hand, which is better for the ones with a strong hand feeling; stretch the hot water bag and release your hand. The more flexible the hot water bag can be restored to its original state easily. Fifth, look at the color of the hot water bag. The raw materials of the hot water bags with bright colors are better and the control of the production process is strict. Sixth, whether there is pollution in a hot water bag. Because of contact with human skin, the surface of the hot water bag should not have color migration. The simple method is to wipe the hot water bag with degreasing cotton to observe whether the cotton is polluted by color. The lighter the pollution, the smaller the color transfer, and the better the pollution-free.


Precautions for hot water bag

1. When filling the water with a hot water bag, it shall not be filled too full, and it shall not exceed two-thirds of its rated capacity; after filling water, the air in the bag shall be discharged and the sealing of plug shall be checked.

2. The water temperature of the hot water bag should not be too high, generally about 80-90 ℃; it is not suitable to contact with acid, alkali, and grease substances.

3. Before use, attention should be paid to whether the hot water bag used has an aging phenomenon and change of bag body thickness. Once there is any above change, it should be abandoned to prevent over-age service.

4. It is better to put the cloth cover on the body of the hot water bag when using, which can play the corresponding protection role; at the same time, it is not suitable to press the hot water bag with sharp tools.

5. For the hot water bag products with low prices, consumers should be alert to avoid the low price and prevent the purchase of inferior products; meanwhile, consumers should keep the consumption Certificate (the invoice is best preserved).

6. Hot water bags should be kept away from infants and children when used.

7. When storing hot water bags, fill in water in the bag, put them flat, and store them in a cool and dry place.

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