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Standard Mouth Glass Apparatus Knowledge

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Standard Mouth Glass Apparatus Knowledge

Organic chemistry laboratory glass apparatus can be divided into ordinary glass instruments and ground glass apparatuses.

   Standard interface glassware is a glassware with a standardized ground mouth or ground plug. Due to the standardization, systematization and matte tightness of the instrument plug size, all interfaces of the same specification can be connected arbitrarily, and each component can be assembled into various supporting instruments. When it is not possible to directly assemble with components of different types and specifications, an adapter can be used to connect. The use of standard interface glass instruments can not only avoid the troublesome procedures of matching plugs, but also avoid the danger of reactants or products being contaminated by plugs. Pressure distillation is advantageous and is safer for experiments with poisons or volatile liquids.

   Standard interface glass apparatuses are manufactured according to international technical standards. When a part is damaged, it can be purchased. Each part of the standard interface apparatus has a baked white mark on the upper or lower conspicuous part of its mouth plug, indicating the specification. Commonly used are 14, 19, 24, 29, 34, 40, 50 and so on. Some standard interface glass instruments have two numbers, such as 24/29, 24 means the diameter of the big end of the grinding mouth is 24mm, and 29 means the height of the grinding mouth is 29mm.

The following points should be paid attention to when using standard interface glass instruments:

(1) The grinding plug should be kept clean frequently, and it should be wiped clean with a soft cloth before use, but no cotton wool should be attached.

(2) Before use, apply a small amount of vaseline or vacuum grease on the surface of the frosted port plug to enhance the tightness of the frosted port, avoid the mutual wear of the abrasive surfaces, and also facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the interface.

(3) When assembling, gently connect the grinding mouth and the grinding plug in opposite directions, and it is not advisable to use too much force. But it can't be installed too tightly, as long as the lubrication and sealing requirements are met.

(4) Disassemble and wash immediately after use. Otherwise, the butt joints are often sticky, making disassembly difficult.

(5) When assembling and disassembling, pay attention to the relative angle. Do not carry out rigid assembly and disassembly when the angle is deviated, otherwise it will easily cause damage.

   Grinding sleeve and grinding plug should be made of the same glass.

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