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Specimen Packaging For Transport:Biohazard Specimen Bags

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Specimen Packaging For Transport:Biohazard Specimen Bags

Whether or not samples are used for medical diagnosis, clinical trials or research, collection, storage, and transportation of patients and other biohazards, and the source of the laboratory may be problematic. Biological specimens are dangerous goods because they may contain pathogens. Their transportation is strictly controlled, which is a legal and legal mandatory requirement to comply with laws and regulations. Many countries have introduced relevant policies to ensure that the transportation mode of all specimens will maintain the safety of all staff involved in the processing and transportation of specimens.

To transport these biological samples reasonably, the use of specimen bags is particularly important. Biological Sample Bags are designed for the safe transportation of sample containers and documents. It is widely used to transport laboratory samples to hospitals, medical institutions, clinics, laboratories, and testing institutions safely and hygienically. They help to protect healthcare workers from potential sample leaks and contamination and usually, these zipper-lock bags have a separate pocket for paperwork and are marked with a universal biohazard label.

Our sample bags are made of LDPE material, which has many advantages and is suitable for sample transportation. First, LDPE is flexible and has low tensile strength, which means that our sample bags can withstand a lot of tension before they break. Second, moisture resistance, which is another key feature, makes LDPE an ideal material for storage containers. It is smooth and impermeable, which also makes the entire side of the sample bag easy to disinfect or clean. Third, chemical resistance, the high chemical resistance of LDPE means that there are many food-grade varieties to choose from, so it is very suitable for food packaging, disposable beverage box, and similar applications in the retail food industry. It can also be used in the sanitary working face of the office. Fourth, high-temperature resistance, as a thermoplastic, HDPE maintains good shape in the temperature range of - 40 ℃ to 90 ℃. For most applications, their temperature range is quite extreme, so usually, our ordinary customers don't have to worry!

Our specimen bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are essential products for many laboratories, hospitals, and research institutions.

With our high quality and reliable laboratory sample bags, your factory can rely on these bags to transport and store important samples without sample leakage and keep their contents free of contaminants such as dirt or moisture, and the write-on sample on the sample bag will allow for appropriate labeling to help keep your facility organized, so that laboratory staff can identify the source of the specimen if the need arises (e.g. in the case of a spillage/or accident). The top of our bag is a resealable zipper-style closure. Its design allows for repeated access, so professionals can remove and reinsert as needed.

These Laboratory Specimen Bags can be used in several applications, such as food, water, dairy products, veterinary, pharmaceutical, microbiology, environmental, etc. Whether solid or liquid, you can find suitable sizes and styles.

For logo choices, our Specimen bag can be imprinted with colorful logos like Transport, Biohazard, STAT, or Hospital Logo. Welcome to inquire.

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