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Proper Care and Maintenance of Laboratory Glass Apparatus

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Proper Care and Maintenance of Laboratory Glass Apparatus

The following will teach you how to properly maintain laboratory glass apparatus by "Nanjing Superfit". The details are as follows:

Avoid strong thermal shock

1. Wait for the temperature of the glassware to be the same as the room temperature. Thicker and heavier glass requires longer heating time.

2. When heating, the temperature should be gradually increased so that the glass can adapt to the temperature difference.

3. Glass of different thicknesses will break due to different tensions during the heating process.

4. Uneven heating in the microwave oven may also cause the glass to break.

Avoid collision impact

1. Do not use the apparatus to take water.

2. The glass shouldn't touch each other.

3. Don't stack the utensils at will.

4. Don't overlay the apparuatus.

5. Don't put tableware in glassware.

Correct use and function description

1. After adding chemical reagents, pour water into the glass apparatus.

2. Don't place glass instruments containing hot reagents on cold metal surfaces.

3. Hold the bottom or neck of the glass, not the rim.

4. The correct glass bottle should be selected for storing different chemical reagents to ensure the reagents are not decomposed by light; the reagent bottle is resistant to acid and alkali for the appearance is clear and recognizable.


The correct way of hand washing

1. Please wash it as soon as possible after use.

2. Use non-abrasive cleaning tools, such as nylon cloth or sponge to wipe in warm water.

3. Holding the belly of the utensil, do not twist the neck and body in different directions during the cleaning or drying process.

4. Lay a rag pad or rubber pad on the bottom of the cleaning tank, which will help prevent glassware damaged.

5. For crystal glass, warm water washing is the best.

6. Metal magic ball, micro stainless steel ball can remove all the dirt in the glass wall of the apparatus, including residues, deposits and stains.

How to make glass shine like new

Fill the sink with hot water and add two cups of vinegar. Put the glassware in for 1 hour and the turbidity on the inner wall will be removed. Use undiluted vinegar to get out of the turbid faster, making the glass as shiny as new.

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