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Long Hot Water Bottle Perfect for Pain Relief

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Long Hot Water Bottle Perfect for Pain Relief

Superfit has introduced a new warming Long Hot Water Bottle, adding to its already impressive hot water bottles series. This Extra Long Hots is 80cm long, unlike traditional hot water bottles, and is ideal for soothing those hard-to-reach aches and pains. This hot water bottle's durable shape allows it to wrap around the neck, shoulders, and back for the purpose to relax areas of the body that need it, especially great for cold days!

Our long hot water bottles come with soft fluffy covers. These Hot Water Bag Plush Covers are made of high quality soft plush that is durable and safe to the touch. The smooth fabric of the novelty cover will keep your skin away from the heat of the rubber bottle. As a Hot Water Bag manufacturer, our Plush Cover, Fleece Cover, Knitted cover can be customized to help our customers make their private label.

The internal bottle is made of high quality rubber that meets all industry standards, which means you can rest assured that no matter how many times you roll over the bottle while you sleep, it won't crack or split!

As noted above, the long length of this product makes it a comfortable companion that can reach parts of the body that are inaccessible with the traditional rectangular design of a hot water bottle. Many people wrap a long hot water bottle around their neck or shoulders to relieve pain and muscle tension, or they use it to provide instant gratification to the entire spine at once. You should try wrapping a hot water bottle around your entire body to get that warm feeling.

Overall, the Long Hot Water Bottle receives a high rating. Its long length and multi-functional use will make it a new favorite among hot water bottle enthusiasts. It would also be nice to bring as a present for someone. Besides, we are an Extra Long Hots supplier, so you can get hot water bottles at the best price, which is ideal for dealers and supermarkets who want to buy in bulk. If you want to buy a hot water bottle, this long body hot water bottle is an excellent choice.

Considering a long hot water bottle? Get the latest price for bulk purchase, feel free to Contact us.

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