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Human Care in Medical Supplies Design

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Human Care in Medical Supplies Design

The design of medical products and tools has always been a special field in industrial design. This is not only because it is directly related to the health of the human body, but more importantly, it is a challenge to the combination of science and technology and design art.

Medical products in the public's impression are always associated with rationality, functionality, and simple appearance. It not only has the usability of ordinary industrial products but also the design of medical products exudes deep humanistic care because they are related to saving lives.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of medical supplies:

(1) Backgrounds of design medical supplies

(2) Examples of special designs

(3) Design environments


(1) Backgrounds of design medical supplies

The design factors such as shape and color are It is almost completely subject to the functionality of the product and suitable for use by medical workers. Of course, this design is determined by the special application areas of medical products and tools. But in this way, the audiences of medical products and tools, the feelings of patients, are ignored.

The "people-oriented" design principles widely followed in product design and the important design factors of "humanistic care" that should be possessed by medical supplies in addition to treatment purposes are often overlooked or placed in a secondary position.

However, let me put myself in the picture: What else can the thermometer become beside the existing glass tube shape? Can the syringe that scares children (and also for some adults) bring laughter to children? It may sound suspicious, but all this has changed in the design of product designers.


(2) Examples of special designs

Taking a child's body temperature is a "challenging" task, because the cold shape of the glass thermometer is a bit like a needle, giving the child a painful association.

Therefore, the digital thermometer specially designed by the design company for children aged 2-7 has a sleek and lovely appearance, giving people a sense of warmth. For curious children, it is more like a "toy".

An ordinary syringe is designed in the shape of a paintbrush. This captures the children's nature to love painting and has lovely colors. More importantly, it resolves children's hostility towards the syringe.


(3) Design environments

The design of medical supplies does not exist in isolation, it must be adapted to the environment in which it is located. White tile floors, white walls, white medical equipment, plus "white" doctors. All of this increased the patient's sense of fear so that the patient was already "trembling" before starting treatment.

 The design of this hospital is worth studying. The designer enriched the colors of the walls, decorated the walls and ceiling ,and kept tropical fish in the lobby. This was done to make the whole process feel 'homely' and to distract the patients, thus easing their tension and removing the suspense.


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