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How to realize scientific management of laboratory consumables?

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How to realize scientific management of laboratory consumables?

When purchasing laboratory materials, we should put the supply quality of the goods first. It is not only necessary to investigate and evaluate the qualifications, credibility, business scope and prices of suppliers; it is also necessary to regularly evaluate supplier prices and records according to the procurement situation and select qualified suppliers through long-term cooperation. After confirming the supplier, sign the purchase contract. However, some labs believe that a well-known brand produced by a large factory is fine, it works for all reagents. In fact, the best products have a range of qualified rate and quality target fluctuations too, so we can't put too much trust in well-known companies and ignore the acceptance which will bring risks to our product acceptance. Therefore, consumables haven't been accepted or inspected shall not be stored, only qualified consumables can be put into the consumables warehouse to establish an inventory account.

Laboratory management means that every laboratory staff should ensure the normal and efficient operation of the laboratory.


Management of Laboratory Glass Apparatus 

Glass equipment should be handled with care and used in strict accordance with its conditions of use. The glass instruments used in the experiment should be stored in the designated location according to the label, washed in time after use and put back in the original place.

(1) The precision glass apparatus must be managed by a special person, the user can only use it after passing the training. Any equipment failure should be reported immediately for timely maintenance.

(2) The eyepiece of the microscope must be cleaned with lens paper soaked in ethanol before and after use.

(3) After the microbiological experiment, the laboratory must be tidied and cleaned immediately. If there is bacterial contamination, cover the contaminated area with 3% lysol solution or 5% carbolic acid solution for half an hour and wipe it off (spore-containing bacterial solution contamination should prolong the disinfection time). The germ-carrying tools (such as straws, glass rods, etc.) must be soaked and disinfected with 3% lysol solution before washing.

Management of Laboratory Reagent Consumables

(1) After cleaning and drying, durable consumables should be placed on the experimental rack and placed in categories; for test tubes, centrifuge tubes and other consumables that are not easy to stand, you can find another clean and dry drawer for placement.

(2) Consumable consumables such as absorbent cotton, rubber gloves and masks can be taken as needed which one set is placed on each laboratory bench. After using, go to the laboratory locker to take them.

(3) The management of pipette tips and petri dishes is divided into two types: sterilized equipment will be placed next to the safety cabinet in the cell operation room according to different specifications, and unsterilized equipment will be placed in another locker middle too. When the sterilized pipette tips are about to be used up, get new pipette tips for sterilization in time.

(4) Laboratory consumables are managed by classification and divided into people. Reusable or disposable items are managed in a unified manner. After one box of reused consumables is used up, the next box must be received and registered. Register as many as you receive.

(5) Experimental reagent consumables are divided into public and private use: make a table of all public numbers, indicate the storage location, time, method, remaining quantity, unit price, then check regularly. For private use, keep it by yourself carefully when operating it.

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