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How to do if the electric water bag is not hot for a long time?

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How to do if the electric water bag is not hot for a long time?

It’s winter again. A brief rummage,I found the electric water bag as usual. After charging and heating, I found that the hot water bag was not warm. Think of this Electric Water Bag with me for several years, maybe it’s time to get a new one.

Then I checked the structure of the hot water bag in the morning and found that there was a small air hole beside the charging of the hot water bag, which was used for exhaust and water injection.

Heating Bag Electric

According to the information on the Internet, some users said: there is gas in the hot water bag. Because the temperature of water vapor is higher than that of water, the temperature sensing controller inside feels the high-temperature gas, so it thinks that the hot water bag has been filled. Therefore, if you find that the hot water bag bulges greatly when charging, you can remove the power supply, pull off the transparent cover on the hot water bag, and release the gas.

  • tried to pull off the transparent lid and squeeze the hot water bag to vent the gas.

  • put on the transparent lid and plugged it in again. A few minutes later, I tried and found that the hot water bag turned hot.

Electric Warm Bag

Curiously, I pulled out the transparent lid to let the air out and charged the electricity again. This time, the hot water bag became hotter.

What a happy practice, I saved the hot water bag I used for several years.


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