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How to Wear a Disposable Mask?

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How to Wear a Disposable Mask?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, wearing a mask is becoming more and more important to people. There are many types and styles of masks available, but 3 ply face coverings are by far the most frequently used in our daily lives. 

This article will help you grasp some of the basics of masks from the following part:

Materials and Types of Masks

People prefer three-layer disposable face coverings due to their ease of use and low cost. Masks are categorized into three sizes based on the size of the human face: adult, kids, and pediatric. To attract children's interest, Children masks will print cartoon patterns. 

The fabric of the mask's three layers varies, with the outermost layer being conventional non-woven material that can be printed in the common blue, white, green, and black.

The second layer is melt-blown fabric and its most critical layer. The quality of the melt-blown fabric decides protection level, and a good fabric can make filtering greater than or equivalent to 99 percent. 

The third layer is the innermost layer, which is constructed of soft non-woven fabric that is usually white and is gentler on the skin.


How to Wear a Disposable Face Mask Correctly

Step 1: The first thing you do when you get a Disposable Face Mask is to use the right side. The front of the mask is normally the darker side; the texture of the material, which usually contains friction, is the front. You must wear it with the front side facing inward, close to your skin, and the front side facing outward.

Step 2: Distinguish the top and bottom of the mask. Disposable masks will have a thin bending metal strip on top. The end with the metal strip will be the top.

Step 3: Put on the mask. First, squeeze the metal strip with both hands. Ensure the upper end is snugly against our nose, and cannot easily go down. Finally, the mask's two earloops should hang over the ears, and you should stretch the mask down with your hands, to ensure total coverage of the mouth and nose for good protection.

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