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How to Choose a Pipette Tip

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How to Choose a Pipette Tip

There are several pipette tips in the market, and it's hard to choose the right tip for your application. You not only need to find a tip that suits your pipette, but you also need to decide the type and quality of the tip. We have developed a list of items that will help you choose the right prompts for your laboratory.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the four most common pipette tips used in the laboratory provide the basis for later discussion.

Standard tips - these are your standard pipette tips. However, you'll find that most standard pipette tip users are now moving towards a low retention tip.

Low Retention Tips- these tips have a specially developed internal surface to keep the sample bonding to a minimum. This ensures the maximum recovery of the sample, thus obtaining high precision.

Filter Tipsthese types of tips are used to protect the pipette from aerosols and thus enter the pipette to prevent cross-contamination.

Gel Loading Tips - these tips are ideal for use in SDS gel or agarose samples. They are usually longer prompts and allow for easy loading of gel electrophoresis samples.

When choosing a pipette tip, quality does work. It doesn't matter how good your pipette tips are. Without the right tip, you won't get the results you need. The pipette tip varies greatly between manufacturers. Here are some key areas to consider when selecting prompts:

Material high-quality raw polypropylene will make a good pipette tip. Note the plastic and/or metal additives that are usually found on the blue and yellow tips, as they can contaminate the sample. If you choose the tip of the filter, make sure the filter is made of polyethylene and has no additives such as cellulose.

Mold Quality - pipette tips are manufactured by injection molding machines. The result of the pipette tip depends on the design of the mold and the quality of polypropylene injected into the mold.

No Pollutionmake sure you only buy certified products without tips of RNase, DNase, DNA, pyrogen, PCR inhibitor, and ATP. This is even more important if you are performing a sensitive microbiological test.

Fit / Compatibilitynot all pipettors are suitable for your pipette. It is important to make sure that the tips you are considering are suitable for your pipettor. You don't have to force the tip onto the pipette, it should grab and hold in place with little force needed. Most pipette tip brands will have a compatibility chart that will help you choose the right tip. However, most tips should be compatible with almost all popular pipette brands in the world.

Low Retentiontips with low retention have become more and more popular in recent years. They are usually considered a premium tip and you can expect them to pay more. When looking at the low retention tips, make sure that during the manufacturing process, the tip does not have a secondary process, such as a silicone coating, that could cause the compound to leach from the tip.

Once you have identified a suitable pipette tip for your application, make sure you get samples from potential suppliers before bulk purchasing. This will ensure that they meet all your needs, including checking that they fit your straws correctly. Choosing the right tip is worth your time because it not only saves you money but also ensures maximum accuracy.

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