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How often should you replace hot water bottle?

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How often should you replace hot water bottle?

On cold winter nights, the humble hot water bottle can provide much-needed comfort and warmth, but people are urged to be extra careful to avoid burns. But how to properly maintain the hot water bottle? How often should you replace hot water bottle? Do you know when to replace them? This is what we are going to look at today.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using hot water bottle:

(1) How often should you replace hot water bottle?

(2) Safety warnings of hot water bottle

(3) How do you properly maintain the hot water bottle?


(1) How often should you replace hot water bottle?

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, as many as 200 Australians are admitted to hospital each year for severe burns caused by hot water bottles. Therefore, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission urge people to stop using hot water bottle every 12 months.

Filling the container or leaving the bottle on a part of the body for more than 15 minutes can cause the bottle to rupture or leak and cause burns.

On average, hot water bottle bottles should be replaced every two to three years. According to the previous linked article on Love Hot water bottle, this is the time that hot water bottle usually takes. Of course, this will vary from product to product.


(2) Safety warnings of hot water bottle

By doing this, you can use your hot water bottle more safely.

What you should do: Always put a lid around the hot water bottle to prevent burns. Only use a hot water bottle to heat the bed. Remove the bottle before going to bed.

What can't be done: Do not use a hot water bottle where babies or children may reach. Never use a damaged hot water bottle. Never use a hot water bottle on a bed with an electric blanket. Do not tilt, roll or lie on the hot water bottle. Do not heat the hot water bottle in a microwave or oven. After the thermos is full, do not sit, lie on it or put excessive pressure on the thermos. Do not directly touch the hot water bottle to an area of the body for more than 20 minutes. Do not allow babies under 36 months or unsupervised children to use hot water bottles. If you suffer from latex allergy, do not use rubber hot water bottles.


(3) How do you properly maintain the hot water bottle?

If you want to use your hot water bottle for a longer period of time so that it has a longer service life, it is also very important to maintain the hot water bottle.

To properly maintain the hot water bottle, regular cleaning is very important. Due to the dark, humid and warm nature of hot water bottles, they will quickly become full of bacteria. After each use, please rinse as much as possible.

In addition, you should avoid overfilling the bottle or sitting on it. These are the two most common causes of damage and strain on hot water bottle bottles. Try not to add weight to the top, and do not completely fill the top.

The last way to ensure that the hot water bottle is in the top shape is to close the lid. The cover can help prevent scratches, abrasion and tearing.

Taking care of them also has the added benefit of making your hot water bottle look pleasant, which is always good.


In conclusion, a hot water bottle is not generally considered a decorative item or an item that requires maintenance, but it is definitely the case. If you keep the hot water bottle properly, it is both visually beneficial and beneficial.

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